I went to a Mad Men Fashion Show instead of watching two Mad Men debate....

Pearls definitely age women.  That is something I found out last night at the Fashion Focus Mad Men Fashion Event.   Well, at least they age ME.  I didn't notice any lines on the pretty models that were roaming the floor of the Blackstone Hotel.  Which by the way is a very glamourous place, perfect backdrop for the dapper madmen look.

I had to take the 4:07 train into the city to get there by 6:00.  Which means I had to pick my kids up from school with my 1960's beehive.   Not a good idea.  You would have thought I had a toilet on my head the way my 9 year old looked at me.    She told me I looked like someone's great aunt.  I hate to break the news to her, but I AM someobody's great aunt!

My 21 year old photographer daughter accompanied me.  The minute we got on the train we started getting the looks and comments.  "Are you two going to kinky boots?".    What a great name for a dance club, too bad it's already  a cyndi lauper musical.

On the train my daughter was staring at me intently.  Making me really nervous.  Finally I asked her what she was staring at.  "Your eyelash is sticking straight out and I thought it was a spider".   Damn false eyelashes!  But you gotta have them if you are in the 60's!

When we walked into the hotel we were greeted by handsome and pretty models all decked out from another era.  There was even a photo shoot booth set up with some madmen type props.  I immediately grabbed the huge cigar and dial up phone and put my daughter on my lap.  I felt so powerful.

We were starving by 6:30 because of course neither one of us had eaten since breakfast.  Then we saw them.  The hors' dourves were being served!  Thank GOD.  Wait.  They look like deviled eggs, only smaller.  Like really smaller.  I took one.  It was a bitesize egg but it was bursting with deliciousness!   My first quail egg.  And it certainly wouldn't be my last.  I think I had 10.  Is that acceptable?   The models were looking at me so enviously as I kept grabbing bite size after bite size.  No I didn't feel bad.  The models were pretty.  Very pretty.  Let me have my eggs.The music was fun.  All old music that didn't bring back any memories to me since I was barely alive for most of the 60's.  But nonetheless fun to dance to.  Who doesn't like to do the twist?   Did I mention I got a cramp?

Soon it was time for the main event.  The fashion show.  The designs were all inspired by interior textiles.  There was a petite little model wearing a ceramic tile dress.  How she didn't fall over was beyond me.  It was really interesting to see what these talented designers could come up with.  There was a playboy bunny outfit with a curtain tassle where her tail should have been.   It was very inspiring.

It was so fun to look around all night and see everything from pillbox hats to go go boots to cat eyes.   And it was especially fun for me to look around and see the handsome suits worn by the men.  Okay, so at one point I noticed a really attractive young man.  I told my daughter he was really cute, but so young.  Just a kid.   Her reply.. "compared to you everyone here is a kid".  That was so not true!  It was the bouffant.  It adds 20 years to a woman!   Sorta like the perms of the 80's.  I look at my high school chums in the yearbook and most of them look younger NOW.  It's definitely the hair.

I only saw one hairy chest last night.  No, it wasn't mine.  Apparently this young man didn't realize the 60's were all about being buttoned up.   Now I am sitting here thinking about his chest.  I actually reached out and touched it at one point.  I know I am not the only woman to do this.  Touching a complete strangers hairy chest.  Sober, this seems so wrong.

Well at 10 o'clock it was time for this mom to head home.  I had a two hour commute to look forward to.  So I grabbed my truffle from Marc-Ryan & Co., which went perfectly with my big mac on the metra...  remember I only had a few quail eggs and 3 beefeater drinks all night. This girl was hungry!

I had a great time.  Who knew Tuesday nights had more to offer than "The Voice" and a game of battleship.  Oh, and that debate between what's his name trying to convince what's his name that he should run the country.     Now I have to go work on my children's halloween costumes.  Hmmmm... are 9 and 10 too young to don beehives, pencil skirts and high heels?  Or they could go as a presidential candidate...  you know...  with a toilet on their head.

*** I will post photos tomorrow.  I think my photographer is still drunk.


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