How big was Rhea Perlman's ring?

I for one don't understand the obsession with a ring that Jennifer Aniston is wearing.

Who cares.

It's great she is in love.  And hopefully it will last.  It's just a ring.  I think she had one from Brad Pitt too.

And look how that ended.

It doesn't matter the size of the ring.  What matters is the committment in the giver of the ring's heart.

And guess what?  You can also have real love without a ring.

And you can have real committment without a ring.

And you can have a shitty relationship WITH or without a ring.

I think we need to quit worrying about the size of rings.

Do you really think the bigger the ring the more chance of forever the relationship has?

I wonder how big Rhea Perlman's ring was.

Didn't Kim Kardashian have a substantial ring from Chris what's his face?

And I know J LO had a unique one of a kind engagement ring from Ben Affleck.  Are they still together?

I just don't understand all the hype over a ring.

I for one would trade the biggest diamond in the world for true forever faithfullness.    And respect.  And friendship.

I am one who thinks a macaroni necklace from your child has more value than the biggest blingiest engagement ring.

Because I know those truly DO come from the heart.


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  • So true!!

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