Halloween costumes 2012


Tim Burton isn't the only one who loves  this time of year.  I love love love stressing all month about what I am going to be for Halloween.    The stress usually starts October 1st.  "I have at least 3 weeks" I  think to myself, proud that I have so much time.  And then BAM.. before you know it.. you have a week left and you STILL DON"T KNOW what you want to be for Halloween.   And to make mattes worse, I have 3 kids.  All of whom need help figuring out what to be and then of course I still get the priviledge of making the costume or making sure we have everything for it.   Why do dad's never get stuck with this task?   This year all 3 of my children chose homemade costumes!  I was helping my 21 year old hot glue streamers on a dress and making her horns so she could be a pinata an hour before she had to be to her party.  Yes, we start early with the parties and go all the way til the end...  maybe even into November this year, since Halloween is on a Wednesday!

My bff and I have been doing the halloween party thing together for years.   We have been everything in the book.  Its so hard to think of ideas when you are this age because you  really HAVE BEEN everything.   I suggested we be siamese twins this year.  She had the NERVE to tell me she didn't think it was a good idea.  As if being connected to me for the night would be so bad.  Please! I have seen some of her exes.  She should be so lucky to have me there in the bathroom stall with her and breathing heavily on her neck while we dance.

Last year my bff and I were mummies.  We never laughed so hard at trying to figure out how to drink our beer through all of our ripped up sheets.  We were pinning and hot gluing each other into them minutes before we left the house.  You would think ONE of us would have thought about the bathroom before we actually needed to use it!!

One thing I don't do is  WHORE-O-WEEN!  I refuse to dress up my boobs and butt and go as sexy Gi Joe or Sexy Carebear.  They really have made a sexy version of just about anything you can think of.  It seems as though there are more sexy costumes at Spirit Halloween than scary ones.  My oldest went as Cinderslut one year.. I believe it was when she was a sophomore in high school  and wasn't listening to anything her mom had to say about how to dress.  Now she looks back at pictures and says "Mom how could you have let me go out like that?".  Since then she has made me proud and never tries to win sexiest costume at the parties.

The stress is over for this October.  All of us have a costume.  Kids have already been to an event so I have gotten my night of kiddy costume making out of the way for the year.  Well I have to redo the fuzz on the cottom candy costume since most of it is now on the grounds of the Midway Village in Rockford .  I hope you all have your halloween costumes picked out and can enjoy the next week stress free!   And I hope you get lots of candy!!



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