You can never twitter or facebook your BFF enough!

"Isn't facebook, texting, email,  phone calls, twitter and her blog enough?"

Those were the words expressed to my bestest friend in the world by her 12 year old son yesterday as they were on their way to my house to drop off his sister for a sleepover.   He was anxious to get to his scheduled sleepover   Apparently, he has had enough of our enduring 35 year friendship.

We, on the other hand, can't get enough of it.

I have seen lovers come and go.  Cried with her.  Celebrated marriage with her.  Births of 5 children.   We have never lived closer than 30 minutes to each other, even spent 6 years living 2,000 miles apart... okay excpept for the month we lived together but we try to forget that only because she criticized the way I squished my pancakes down when I was cooking them.

She knows that a boy jabbed me in the boob with a pencil in 6th grade.  I know when she got her first bra because we had a contest who would get one first.  I have seen her show up at my door to go to the bus stop wearing blue eyeshadow when it was ever so popular the first time around.  Okay, so what if the eyeshadow came before the bra.  I used to be the one to tell her if she had bugers at the bus stop.  And vice versa.  (For the record, she always had more).

I have a whole memory filled up with things I have done with the girl.  Sure, alot of them involve alcohol.  Don't judge.  She is the one who was always there the day after.  Never judging.  I don't think we have ever had a judging eye on each other.  And that is part of the adoration I suppose.  For some reason, when this girl does something questionable, I don't question.  I listen.

Anybody who has had a long lasting friendship with a special person knows what I am talking about.   I think the world of this girl.  (She will always be a girl in my eyes even though she is a spectacular woman).   She is the funniest, nicest, prettiest, smartest, most honest person I know.  I wish I was a lesbian because then I would have found the perfect partner.  And she thinks I am an excellent kisser.   She only knows this because of the cab ride with a stranger who wanted to judge who was a better kisser.   It was the 80's.  Don't judge!

I am lucky to have found a friend of a lifetime.  We used to fantasize about living together with our husbands in New York.  And pick out which Sears catalog model we would be.  I have lived from California to Texas back to Illinios and have a number of good friends who I love.  But there is something special about staying friends with someone who knew you when you still had most of your eggs and a perm.  She is one friend who I know I will never lose contact with.  I trust her more than pretty much anybody else in my life.  She would be the one I call to help me hide the body.   I hope most of you out there know what it's like to have that someone in your life.

Here's to you best friend!!

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