it really is too hot for clothes!!

We were at Fudrucker's yesterday eating as many tomatoes as we could possibly fit in our tummys when my girls started talking about "the calendar".

We had just come from a friends parent's house, and his father has a playboy calendar.. aka "the calendar"  hanging proudly in his garage for all to see.  He has no daughters.

My children are fascinated by this calendar.  They can't really avoid it because it is hanging exactly by the entry door to their home.

My children have been to this home a handful of times and  yesterday they brought a friend with.  And of course they  couldn't resist showing her "the Calendar".

They said they took it down off the wall while they were going into the garage to get some water.  I wondered what was taking them so long. They wanted to look up their birthday month to see what the girl looked like.

Then they asked why a girl would take off her clothes for a calendar.    Dollar signs flashed in my head but what came out of my mouth was something very different.   "It's because she has terribly  bad father".   I was thrown off guard.  I don't necessarily believe that, but I don't want my 9 and 10 year olds to necessarily pose nude for a calendar either.  It's not that I have a problem with nudity.   The problem I have is knowing that certain types of men would be looking at my daughters in not so nice ways.  I mean, picture the creepiest guy you know, and picture him staring at your nipples.  EXACTLY!!

My girls asked me if this man had that calendar because he didn't have daughters and he wished he did.  I am SO not sure what this comment meant and where it was headed.  So I just said "Why would a dad want to look at his naked daughter?".  My kids got a strange look of embarrassment on their faces when I said that and quickly asked another one.   My oldest then said,  "We looked at July and she had watermelons".  I told her there was no need to put the word water in front of that remark.

"Why does someone take a picture of naked butts?  Is that art?  It's gross.  Poop comes out of there".  These comments kept coming as I sat there eating my delicious hamburger smothered in ketchup and mustard.

I then treid to explain to a nine and ten year old  that a woman's body is really beautiful and alot of people like to look at it because it is so.  They said I was gross.  I tried.

I sat there staring at my 1/2 pound burger under the black and white photos of Donna Summer and the Rolling Stones and realized they were not going to stop talking about this.   So I grabbed my wallet.. gave it to them and told them there were tons of quarters in it and sent them over to the game section so they could win a stuffed puppy wearing a shirt.

For the record, I love Playboy.  And who know's, if my watermelons were nicer, maybe I would have been hanging in someone's garage back in the 80's.  But my daughters NEVER need to know this thought.

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