I would rather give birth than car shop!

I hate car shopping.  I mean HATE HATE HATE.  See, I am a girl.  I didn't play with tonka trucks and matchbox cars.  I did barbies.  Barbie did Ken.

I have been looking for a used  car for the past month.  Craigslist.  Car magazines.  Driving around blindly looking at "for sale" signs on random cars.    And none of these are pleasureable to me.  Especially the craigslist torture.  Sure, looking at the website and punching in your price range is the easy part.  The hard part is meeting up wth them and hoping they aren't crazy pshycho killers or scam artists.  I was making arrangements to  meet someone with a car I really really wanted to buy.  I told her I lived two hours away from where she was, but I assured her I would be there on that sunny Sunday afternoon.  I enlisted my 80 year old mother to drive 30 miles to get me.. then the other 2 hours to look at the car.   We also brought along my two young daughters because for some reason sitting in the car for four hours sounded like it was something that they wouldn't complain about.

Finally we hear the GPS tell us in his English accent,  "YOU HAVE REACHED YOUR DESTINATIION".  Finally.   I call the craigslist  lady to tell her I am near her home and  that I just need the exact address, only to be told "I just sold the car".  Surely she was joking.  I was convinced she was.  "You are funny.  Good one."   She proceeeds to tell me that no, she is serious and she JUST sold it.  Well trust me, she got a very rude text from me because I didn't want my children to hear me dropping the F'ing B bombs onto a random craigslist stranger who sent us on a wild goose chase.   I then took all three of them to McDonalds and laughed hysterically while drinking strawberry milkshakes.

Since then I have also stopped at random cars in yards with for sale signs on them.  At one house I had a little boy tell me his car was $45,000.   What a deal!   Of course his mother came out soon afterward and informed me of the right price.   I didn't like it any better than the one he told me.

I have also dealt with car sales people on car lots.  Showing me what I can afford.  Me showing them what I have to have.  Never ever  meeting eye to eye.

The whole car shopping  thing is so foreign to me.  People tell me, check the engine.  Look for spills.  Are the miles original? l  I don't  know.  I really don't know.  What I  do know is that car shoppping isn't easy.  And it takes a special gene.   Like the football gene.  I didn't  get this one either.  'I'm sorry.  I love to decorate, flea market, paint old furniture new again, play games, write, read... anything but CAR SHOP!  I seriously believe being pregnant 3 times and getting those children out of me was easier than trying to find the right car for the right price without getting ripped off.

Maybe if I could get a shiny new car handed to me just like the doctor handed me the baby, I would feel differently.

And craigslist sellers...   if you tell someone to come meet you.. at least have the common courtesy to humor us and let us test drive the car even if you sold it 5 minutes earlier.  Just because we met online doesn't mean you shouldn't have some common courtesy for me!



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