Britney vs the watermelon.. or something like that

I have been in a heated discussion today.  Comparing of all things, Adele to Britney Spears.  Its like comparing kiwis to watermelons.  I get it.

People have been bashing Britney Spears for years.  I realize  that she is a little nut job and maybe not the best mother out there.  But sometimes I think we need to give her a break.  Obviosuly this girl has talent.  Now we know her voice is no where near Adele strength and her songs are more about sex and having fun than heartache and losing love, but still you have to give the girl credit where credit is due.

She started as a mouseketeer, so that right there tells you she has something to offer the world.  I mean, the mouse only takes the best of the best.  Like Justin, Ryan and Christina.  The mouse knows his stuff.  Why else do you think Minnie stays with him year after year?  It surely ain't just for his big white gloves.

Britney was 17 when she reached super duper stardom.  We all loved her.  She could dance, she was gorgeous and lets face it, her songs were FUN.   She sold out concerts.  (Yes I admit I still sometimes wear my sweatshirt I got at her CRAZY concert from sometime in the 90's).    Adele has been super stardom status for about a year now.  So it's easy to say Adele has more class than Britney.  She hasn't had a chance yet to lose her cool and let this whole fame thing mess her up.  Britney had about 6 or 7 good years under her belt by the time she shaved her head and headed south.

People are saying Britney can't sing.  Of course she can sing.  Sure she gets help from a synthesizer or whatever they use to make her voice sound so chipmunkish, but it works.  Can Adelle sing "all eyes on me in the center of a ring just like a circus?".   There is a talent to that.

Britney still tops the charts with her dance songs.  Adele tops the charts with her voice.  I get it.

Britney was made famous in part by  her looks.  I get it.  Is that why everyone is so hard on her when they see that she has gained a few pounds?  Nobody every knocks Adlle for her weight.  They just keep saying how beautifiul and talented she is.  While poor Britney gets bashed for running into 7/11 barefoot for a slurpie.

I just think we are being too hard on the pop princess.  Don't compare her to Adele, who's voice is so amazingly perfect that her level of singing is pretty impossible to match.

You can mock Britney's parenting skills all you want.  She has made major bad decisions when it comes to that.  But if you have ever  found yourself bopping your head when you heard WOMANIZER then you need to quit saying she has no talent.

Just turn up her songs when you hear them (or turn the station) and let your hair down (don't shave it) and dance like you have a big snake around your neck.  It's FUN!!  Ant when that song is over, you can turn on your Adele CD and cry your eyes out about the one that got away.  I wonder if Britney thinks about Justin when she plays Adele's song?

Anyway.. .  don't compare. They are both talented in their OWN way.  Would we really want two Britneys or two Adeles anyway?  Well maybe we would if we could trade one Justin Bieber.....



**as always.. for the record.. I love Britney, Adele and Justin.  I have to.  I have 3 daughters ranging in age  from 9 to 21.

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