Mother May I have a summersault?

Let's play Mother May I?


How about red light?


Red Rover?

Still.. silence.

I was just at recess with a bunch of elementary school kids trying to organize a friendly game, and no one knew any of these games.  In fact, one child asked me what SYSTEM it was for.  HUH?  WTF?

So I took  it upon myself to teach them how to play red light.  And we play for 20 minutes straight.  Pink, purple, green, orange.. RED LIGHT!  Oh what fun!!

Then I teach them Mother may I?   NO, everyone doesnt' have to ask for the same 5 giant steps every single time.  I show them the ruler.  The bunny hop.  The scissors. The leap.   Then they fianlly get it.. and start making up their own steps.   Everyone was getting along.  I mean EVERYONE.   Nobody was left out.   Nobody was walking around alone.  Nobody was being the bully.  The geek.  The loner.

It was perfect.  Until I heard the one little voice ask, " how do I do that summersault thing?"

I blame the parents.  As I roll my eyes and turn to answer this poor little thing... I gasp as I see the same color of green eyes looking at me with a puzzled look.

The little voice was my 8 year old.  A summersault?  Seriously?

Note to self:   get kids outside and teach them what a forward roll...  aka.. summersault is.  Before they embarrass me any further.

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