it's TIME to stop feeding your toddler (who can walk and talk) with your boobies

So everyone has seen it.  The TIME cover with the hot mom and the WAY TOO OLD TO BE BREASTFEEDING KID on the cover.

And we all seem to have an opinion about it.

I for one, think this is just YUCK.  This kid can go pour himself a glass of milk, which someone needs to tell him by the way  tastes way better with oreos than anything coming out of his mommy's boob.   Maybe the father should tell him to get off of it and go grab a capri sun.  It's his turn.

I remember a friend of mine wasn't sure when to stop breastfeeding.  Until one day her son looked  at her when she was taking a bath and he was able to speak the words "I am so hungry I want to eat you" as he looked at her full bosom.   She knew it was time.

I am all for breast feeding. Or not.  Formula today is just as healthy, it's a personal choice.  I don't say anything to the mom's that whip out their boob at a restaurant and let junior suckle on their teat in front of my kids.  Then my children laugh and  I have to try to show them  that it's not funny, it's actually something special and beautiful and beneficial that mommy's try to do for their babies.  BABIES.  Not children who can stand on their own on top of a chair.

I know this is acceptable in Europe.  I believe the average age is about 5 to ween their children.  But this seems to be their norm.  For whatever reason.  This isn't the dark ages.  We actually have refrigerators that hold milk, water or juice.  And this breast milk is really not offering anything to this child anymore.  If you haven't bonded with your child by now, in the way of letting them latch onto your breast, you might need to rethink your parenting approach.

If your child can only feel close to you if he sucks on your breast, then maybe you need to hold his hand or rub his hair while you sing a song together.

It seems like his playmates might look at him strangely while they are having their fruit snacks and sippy cups and he is pulling up mommy's shirt for a refreshing snack.

I am all for trying to do the right thing for your kids. And loving and bonding with them the best way you can.  But there is seriously something oddly disturbing about this whole thing to me.

I think it's time this mother sees that what she is doing is creepy.  And remember,  this is coming from a mom who slept with her oldest til she was 10, had one of them  wearing pullups until she was 4 and gave her 9 year old sippy cups daily.

I know it's hard to let your children grow up.  We would  love them to stay babies forever.   But there comes a time when you have to say to yourself ... if my kid can unhook my bra, then maybe its time to buy him his very own set of tumblers at the next tupperware party.

Note to self:  get kids out of my bed and throw away all sippy cups before they end up on the cover of a magazine for all to see their weird but true habits they (and I ) can't let go of.

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  • I say this respectfully from one CN writer to another.

    Here's the problem with you thinking it's icky, therefore they should stop: It's *not about you* in the same way gay marriage is not about the icky feelings of its opponents.

    Human rights and the way people choose to rear families is not up to us and our ick factors. (And no, I didn't breastfeed beyond infancy, nor am I gay.)

    If someone isn't hurting you or anyone else, then it's not your business.

  • I respect your opinion. I do believe it is hurting this boy. He has to deal with the negative social effects this will have on him. I really believe this mom has something wrong with her to be letting a child do this when there is no benefit to it at this point except for her to feel close to him and for him to feel soothed. She should buy him a binky if he still needs to suck on something. A tight hug and holding him while watching The Lion King might do the trick too. A child this old is aware of everything around him. And I dont want to argue this point. Its my opinion. And I am all for live and let live, unless I think it is VERY WRONG. And I do.

  • In reply to Vicki:

    Vicki, you are right on this. I congratulate you on saying so openly.

  • Not that it's a huge element of your post, but I'm from Europe and not only do they not typically breastfeed till the children are 4 and 5, but recent statistics have shown that in some countries, breast-feeding at all is less common than it is here.
    Personally, I don't really care what other mothers choose to do, and what I think is icky is neither here nor there. I do think however, that her decision to pose for the photo is questionable.

  • While I didn't particularly care for the tone of the TIME photo, your trying to tell others what is best for their children is far worse. How do you know that being breastfed at the age of 3 will hurt this child or any other? You site no studies or even any personal experience you just say "it is VERY WRONG." I would love to hear some evidence to back up your argument. How would you feel if someone told you that co-sleeping past 2 years old (arbitrary age choice here) is VERY WRONG and will harm your child so stop it, without providing any useful reason?

    I think it is VERY WRONG to judge the parenting choices of others from afar particularly when there is no evidence that breastfeeding a three year old is harmful. There is enough "Mom guilt" in the world and all your article serves is to add to it. I'm sure that you have made the choices you thought were best for your family at the time and I won't question those choices because they were yours to make and you deserve to make them guilt free. I do question why you thought it necessary to make this post. Now why don't we all just "live and let live?"

  • I am not telling anyone what is best for their children. I am telling them that letting them breastfeed at this old of an age, when most children are not even sucking bubbas anymore, is kinda wierd. Nobody has to listen to me. I am not claiming to be an expert. I am just a mom of 3 with an opinion about a picture I saw that was disturbing to me.. and Im sure quite alot of others too. It just has "ew" factor all over it. That's all I am saying. Ew.

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    As a parent to a 9 month who I have exclusively breastfed and plan to continue to breastfeed until she is a year, I have mixed feelings about what you are saying.

    Yes, the cover was a disaster. It really didnt prove a point, it made this woman look like a maniac.

    However, it bothers me when people step in and say what's wrong with breastfeeding because a lot of those critics have never done it for any period of time.

    Breastfeeding has kept myself and my daughter healthy. I never push breastfeeding on people but I get my share of "powder pushers" or people who figure I'd be better off giving her formula. These people and companies alike are always creating a negative view of breastfeeding as if it is unnatural or disgusting.

    I would very much like to tell those people to eff off but I try to use the opportunity to educate.

    ..its just my two cents. I respect your opinion and having the guts to post.

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