happy 21st my little shamrock

My oldest, my precious, my pride and first joy is turning 21 in 2 days.  And all I can think to get her is a hello kitty nightgown.  And gummy bears.

Her boyfriend has a big party planned for her downtown.  And he invited little ole ME.  I declined.  But then he made me feel like a horrible mother for not wanting to go party with her and all her little 21 year old friends.  So the guilt has set in, and I am going to go.

I did mention that the gummy bears are soaking in vodka as we speak, didn't I?  

I am starting to realize that I need to go to keep an eye on her.  And I keep telling her "don't get too drunk because we are going to the parade the next day and see the dyeing of the river".  She keeps telling me that I better not act like a "MOM" that night.  I keep telling her she better say no to half of the people wanting to buy her birthday drinks because  I once knew a boy who had 21 birthday shots and almost burned down the house when he put a frozen pizza in the oven for the next 12 hours.

I am riding into the city with her and her 4 friends.  I hope they know I get shotgun.   And none of them have a place to stay as of yet.  I told them Chicago gets very busy St. Patty's day weekend and they probably should have gotten a hotel by now.  They haven't.  Oh to be young and so impulsive.  I guess they can always sleep in the booth while eating their 4 oclock burritos.  But to be nice  I offer 2 of them a blow up mattress on my friends living room floor.  The living room floor that is "FREE" and within cab riding  distance.  The other 2 can share the couch.   Her response was "EW".

That's the same response I am going to have for  her when I see the birthday shots and leftover gummy bears all stuck in her hair.  I know this is going to happen.    It happens to the best of us on our 21st.  Not me of course.    I was a refined young lady wearing nothing but a trench coat and heels sitting in the driveway of my then boyfriend, waiting for him to come home and celebrate with me.   Wow.  That sounds so sad 25 years later.   I think I would rather be eating gummy bears my mommy infused with alcohol then to do that again.

She was born  jsut 2 hours shy of being a leprechaun.  At least that's what she thought she was going to turn into when she was 12.  Yes Disney, I thought of that first.  I know you made a movie about it years later.. but when my daughter was 5 I told her since her birthday was so close to St. Patrick's Day she was going to turn into a leprechaun.  I will never forget her reaction.  She put her hands to her ears to feel them and screamed... "NO MOMMY... NO!".    We still laugh to this day over that.  Well I do.  She nonchalantly feels her ears, to see if they are still round.

I  look at it as  payback for having a birthday so close to a drinking holiday  (okay, I know its really a catholic holiday to celebrate the Saint, but I'm not catholic).   I have not had a drink on St. Patrick's Day in 21 years because I was always roller skating, feeding little girls donuts from the sleepover party or eating pizza made by a big mouse.   No time for grownup fun when there is a child's birthday party at stake.

Friday night is her night.  But Saturday is finally my time to drink green beer again. Like I said, it's been 25 years and I forgot what green hangovers feel like.   Bottoms up or bottoms down, either way no one will frown!

Cheers to my little shamrock shake....   speaking of .. does anybody else think those are gross and just taste like frozen scope?




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    How's your green hangover? And I happen to love shamrock shakes--I look forward to them every year :) and really, she was afraid you were going to act like the Mom? love it...you know someone else that almost burned a house down cooking a pizza overnight?

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