what's the 411 for 911?

okay.. I think there is a serious crisis going on in America with young people.

I told my daughter to call 911 last night, as we were being forced off the road by what appeared to be a drunk driver, and she didn't know HOW to call them!

I was screaming at her.. call 911.. call 911!!!!

She kept asking me "what's the number mom?  I need their phone number!"   She is 20 years young.

This is the same girl who has no problem telling me what DTF means.   (Thank you Jersey Shore cast for this one).

And she can point out Bosnia and Uruguay on a map and tell me all about their political views.  Oh, and I know she can tell me exactly what Demi Moore was inhaling when she called 911.   In fact, she can probably tell me where I can get some.   Not that she does it, for some reason young people just KNOW where you can go for things.  Oh, except HELP!!  You know.. as in 9 1 1!!!

I am just putting this out there because I have had a couple of friends of mine tell me their young adult had a similar situation and didn't know how to dial 9 1 1!!!

So maybe it's time we as parents, or even as concerned responsible adults help this younger generation and teach them exactly what to push on the phone to get HELP!

I am a little worried that it is too much like 411 and one night she might call the "police" asking them for the number to zero gravity, you know, to see if its glow black light party time!  If you don't know what that is, then you are probably in the age bracket who can call 9 1 1 without being told which buttons to push.

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