With this ring....

My 8 year old said something the other night that I thought was a brilliant new fashion trend.

"Mom, when you get divorced do you put your wedding ring on your middle finger?".

For a moment I was shocked that she must understand the meaning of the middle finger.  And then I was wondering WHERE she learned it.  And then I remembered who her mother is.

Then I told her that she was probably the cleverest girl ever!

If you take off your wedding ring and move it to the middle finger, it solves alot of issues.   Sometimes you wonder what you are going to do with this piece of jewelry which now means nothing.  You hate to stick it in a drawer.  Such a waste of a diamond.  You don't want to have it made into something else,  why invest more money into a meaningless symbol of love?  By moving it over by one finger, you can make a universal statement.

We all know what the middle finger means.  And since divorce is usually never pretty and you basically want to tell your EX to ... well...  insert middle finger gesture here...  it makes perfect sense to just move the ring.

Anybody who sees you will know you were once married, and, well,  now you're not.  Nobody would have to ask your marital status.     It would be right there for everyone to see.

I hope this new trend catches on.    Maybe it will stop some from marrying more than twice.  You know, since there would be no where else to put the next ring IF it doesn't work out.

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