hb2me.. i think

So today I am turning 46.   I am okay with this.  Most of the time.
So the times I am NOT okay with this are as follows:

While hanging out with my 20 year old on a friday night at home she keeps reminding me that THIS could very well be my last menstrual cycle.  And starts to sing "closing time" and yells out LAST CALL.   I am a little amused.  A little.

While trying to decide on a color for her hair in target, I grab a blonde box and tell her to try it.  She was blonde when she was little.  She says "I dont want to look like a crack head with blonde hair and black eyebrows.  Like yours".   I reach for the purpleish brown and hold it up to my face and she says "its too late to start a new life mom".    NOTE: I strongly disagree with this comment!

While trying on swimsuits in the middle of a snow storm with my perfectly  bodied 20 year old in the same dressing room.  With the flourescent lights.  And she says "well now you know what you need to do to make this look good by June".  okay.  This last comment could pretty much apply to most of us..  but then she looks down at my leg and says "whats THAT?"   oh YUCK!  a varicose vein.  And he isn't going anywhere.  He's 46 and here to stay.

While having a conversation with my 20 year old on the night before my birthday she says "Oh MY GOD, you don't ACT 45!".  I don't think that was a compliment.  I should have been much more refined and established by now.

While plucking my eyebrows this morning, there was a ..  wait for it..   a GRAY one.  A thick stubborn gray one.   Great.  Now I will be a blonde with Gray eyebrows instead of black.

While trying to pick out "tights" (not only little girls wear them)  I grab some bright  blue ones and my wonderful 20 year old says "That color is WAY too young for you, no offense".  Oh.  NONE taken.  Bitch.

I think I am sensing a trend here.  And the only way to make me feel good about being my age again.. is to STOP hanging out with my 20 year old on the friday night before my birthday.  OMG.. what a loser she is!  Doesnt she have any friends?    Take THAT youngun!!!

**** I am actually thankful she chooses to hang out with me at all!!  and she's not always a bitch ***


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  • Welcome to CN... I just wanted you to know I've enjoyed reading your posts. Definitely sounds like you have an interesting family- but don't we all? Have a very happy birthday!

  • In reply to Brian C. Thomas:

    thank you so much!

  • Happy belated birthday my fellow Aquarian.

  • thank you Jeff from the south side...

  • Welcome Vicki - I'm close behind you in birthdays, and can completely relate. I can't figure out when I turned into my mom...

  • In reply to kirby:

    I know what you mean kirby.. i am morphing as we speak!! :)

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    Vicki, think about what you have to look forward to next year - when your oldest will be 21 and can buy you a drink!

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    Great thought Michael Whitty! Very entertained by this one Vic :)

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