Enjoy parenting TODAY

I have NEVER been  pampered. I was a stay at home mom for 10 years... but I serioulsy only had about 2 profesional pedicures during that time and fake nails once.. until i poked my baby in the belly button with them. Ouch. That was the end of that. Oh don't get me wrong.. I have had every nail painted by the best little nail techs around.   Okay, so they took naps and drank from sippy cups when we were done.   And the closest  I came to a salon was my front porch cutting my girls' hair. And my bathroom sink... coloring my own.

I seriously wore sweats and shorts for years. I remember one time going to my daughters dance recital and a MOM came up to me and said "you are so pretty, you look so good all cleaned up"  I  didn't know if I should hug her or be offended. I have also been mistaken for my teenager's "dad" once at McDonalds ... becuase i was wearing the baseball hat pretty much daily.  Remember when that trend was in for moms?  Which star can we blame for that one?  Now I actually wash my hair ALMOST  daily and TRY to wear clothes without holes in them.   I still skip the bra occasionally.

Being a mom is a joy. Its hard. It makes you cry. It makes you lonely when the babies are little and it seems like the day is spent changing diapers, watching Dora and putting little feet into feetie pajamas. It goes in a blink of an eye though, Its hard to remember that  as you are deep in it.. but try to embrace the joy of it.. because before you know it.. your kids will be gone all day at school  And coming home asking you how to do excercises for your "thighs".  I am still not sure why my 8 year old wants to know that.. but I showed her my  best Suzanne Sommers move, and even gave her my thighmaster.  Oh you better believe I still have that!!

One day soon you will be sitting there trying to find things to do to make you feel needed again in this world. Im still searching. My babies are 20, 9 and 8 so I'm not an empty nester yet... but 6 hours a day alone is alot when you are used to constantly being with little people or doing something for your  'husband/spouse/partner'. Life is a crazy fun sad happy unpredictable ride. We should all get on board and take it for a spin.  And try to live for today instead of always looking ahead to tomorrow.  Because if we are always doing that, thinking about the next day or the future...  the kids of our today will be the grownups of our tomorrow sooner than we want.

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