empty boots before putting them on

As I was walking my children to school today, with pebbles in my boots, I had a revelation.

Yes, it was foggy.  Yes there were a lot of cars coming at us and I was wishing we all had on helmets with flashing lights on top of them, sorta like Franklin's (okay I have been watching way too many kids shows).

Yes it would be easier to get in a car and drive the 3 minutes to get there.

But I tried desperately to focus on the positive.  We were getting excercise.  We were having a talk.  Well, I was talking.   I was preparing them for hard things down the road.  They might not always have a car and will have to get places using these things we call legs.  It made me realize my children didn't really  walk ANYWHERE!  We live in the "sticks" as I call it.  When we go to Chicago all they do is complain about how much I make them walk.   The most walking they ever do is  in the grocery aisle.. wait..  I take that back.  They sit  in the cart, the one the size of a bus, as I push their chubby little butts all around the store.   Why do they make those carts so big and the aisles so small?

Anyway, back to the walk.  I told them I might have found a car to replace the one their DAD stole from me (whole NOTHA story) but that it was a BEATER.   They asked me if it was NEW.  Okay...  obviously my kids have not had that word on their vocab tests yet.  I then pointed at an orange rusted out pinto we saw on the route.  I told them it would be something like that.   Silence.  Except for the huffing and puffing of my children.

Finally we see the school.  Finally.  That word really doesn't belong here since it only takes us 10 minutes to walk there.  I am only saying finally because my middle one HATES to be late and kept asking me what time it was.  Even when I kept telling her I didn't have my cell phone and I don't own a watch.

The bell hadn't rung yet.  We were on time.  I kiss them goodbye and remind them that I get to walk back home now.  They tell me goodluck.  Like its some kind of super feat I am about to do.  They also tell me I am lucky I get to go home and go back to bed.  I then LIE about all the work I have to do around here and I would rather be at school eating hot lunch and  picking out library books.  We kiss and  wave goodbye.  And as I am walking home, I can't help but thank my EX for making me get out of bed and get some exercise.  I feel really really good walking.  And I am glad my girls are walking.  I never see kids on bikes anymore or anybody walking to school where I live.  It's a little freaky.    We live next door to a park with old school merry- go -rounds and slides and basketball hoops.  There has never been any children there except for mine.  (Unless all the other kids are terrified of our cat on a leash).

Someone the other day told me I could sign them up for the bus.  WHY would I do that?   They would be on the bus longer than it takes us to walk.  Inhaling all those wondrful carbon monoxide smells from inside.   And besides, if we do that, I won't get my morning walk in and they won't be able to tell their children the tried and true tale of "when I was your age I had to walk to school up hill in 5 feet of snow".   With all this global warming, thier kids won't believe them anyway.

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