Summer Vacation Funner Vacation...

Well…. I guess it’s here.  The end of summer.  Oh sure, it feels like a sauna and my hair has been frizzy for two weeks now NONSTOP, my shoes could definitely use some odor eaters, my coworker has beads of sweat coming down his forehead at a pretty constant pace… but yep… according to the... Read more »

blind dates are for cat lovers

We meet at T.G.I.Friday’s.  He pulls up in a green gremlin. Gets out of the car, wearing of course a CAT SWEATER.   And brown sandals with black socks.   He orders one of those big drinks with 6 straws that you are supposed to share with… well… I am assuming… 5 other people.  He tells... Read more »

Men are from Mars

I was showing my girls how to find Venus and Mars in the early night sky last night. I was also looking for signs of life, because as we all know MEN ARE FROM MARS and we are from Venus. It is apparent in our everyday conversations between the sexes.  For some reason, they don’t... Read more »

Dirty texting can wait!

People think they can text anything they want.  And I am talking ANYTHING! I am guilty of this. I have been mad and texted someone something that I regretted a few hours down the road.  Or texted my undying love for someone only to be silenced by their lack of responsiveness.  There is nothing worse... Read more »

Women love the cocky ones don't we!

“Women love a man with confidence”. Do we?  Of course.  And it seems we also love a douchebag who walks around thinking he is king of our worlds. I am going to share something (surprise surprise) that I have been dealing with.  In the hopes that it may help me, and maybe some other penis... Read more »

Would you let a gay person in your home?

“Would you let a gay person in your home?” Wow.  When a friend of mine asked that question, I was shocked.  Deep down appalled.  Was this person for real?  I just laughed and blew it off.  And said “Of course”. I have come so far in my life.  I started out in a family that... Read more »

Are threesomes the new norm?

It’s here.  Triple Crown time.  Only I am not talking about the ponies…   stallions.. perhaps.   To be honest I don’t really want to know how big the horse is. Oh. You’re confused.  Of course you are.  I’m talking about all the threesomes that seem to want to be thrown my way.  Is it that people... Read more »

Games men and women play

How to make a man want you.  How to get a man to love you.  How to win him over.  How to give your man great head. Why is it that there are so many articles trying to teach us how to get and keep a man?  Is this really something that has to be... Read more »

Joys of Dating

Oh the joys of dating. The many many joys of dating that new special person who could be.. yes… he could be…  “THE ONE “..   (the one?  the one you settle for?)… To be honest I actually like the idea that there is A ONE perfectly perfect  person especially made for you.  Well this isn’t... Read more »

You can't turn back the clock so are you sure you don't want to wait to be having babies baby?

Everyone around us is having babies!  I seriously don’t get the rush of all these young young people to be having puppies.  Do you people not realize we live a really really really long time and can have babies well up into our forties?  Am I the only parent instilling this into my children?  The... Read more »