Sports in Birmingham. The state of it from Soccer to Basketball

Since I joined as a blogger on ChicagoNow and I followed Jimmy on Twitter. I tend to see a lot of sports related posts from him. From this, I was inspired to write about sports in Birmingham, its place and, well, the worrying state of it starting with Soccer.
That is my opinion, whether some Brummies would like to agree with it or not. The biggest sport in England is soccer. That’s no secret. And there are two soccer teams based in Birmingham. One is Aston Villa FC and the other is Birmingham City FC.
The Premier League is the biggest soccer league in England. But, Birmingham City after winning the League Cup in 2011, one of the three major English domestic trophies up for grabs, they were relegated to the league below called The Championship. Out of the lucrative Premier League, where they still remain.
Aston Villa is the other soccer club in Birmingham. Aston Villa’s director was responsible for creating the first organised Soccer league in the world. It was also the club that was the most successful English soccer team of the Victorian era. Now it is lingering a point above what is called the relegation zone. If the club doesn’t survive its battle, they will join Birmingham City in The Championship.
If anything, it will restore the fierce local matches’ between the two when they meet, if Aston Villa were to be relegated and Birmingham City fail to win promotion. This is akin to the intense rivalry of the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers. Something I experienced late last year as I was following the game between the two with my Chicagoan friend.
So that could be the end of Birmingham’s representation in the English elite league known as The Premier League for a while. But what of Birmingham’s other representation in other sports?
Growing up, I was always fascinated by the Chicago Bulls. Especially when you have a name synonymous with basketball like…Michael Jordan! Even if over here you didn’t know much about the NBA, you had definitely heard of MJ. Birmingham also had a basketball team called the Birmingham Bullets which was part of the British Basketball League. Obviously lesser known than the NBA even in England, this is an outlet for would be British basketball players to ply their trade in. But what of the Birmingham Bullets? They don’t have much of a history to jump and shout about, and they went into liquidation sometime in 2006. An attempt to bring a Brummie team back into the league ended miserably, when the then newly formed Birmingham Panthers lasted a year.
Well, we must have a CM Punk at least right? Ermm, well, not quite. But he is signed to TNA Wrestling. He’s probably 5ft 2 and weighs 120 pounds soaking wet. Oh and his name is Rockstar Spud, the winner of TNA’s British Boot Camp. And you might get to see him when TNA goes live in Chicago, March 14th.
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