Pro Wrestling and its presence in Chicago

I am a huge fan of Pro Wrestling. Ever since my dad got me into, well, when I was a toddler, I have been watching Pro Wrestling. Right from the days of Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior, to The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin, and to this era of John Cena and Randy Orton.

One thing that has caught my attention is Pro Wrestling’s presence in Chicago. Chicago has some of the most loyal and passionate pro wrestling fans in the US, and across the world. So in this post, I blog about some of the key moments in Pro Wrestling that have happened in Chicago, and some of my favorite wrestlers who have their wrestling roots in this city.

Christopher Daniels was born in Michigan and raised in NC. With a degree in theater he moved with his wife to Chicago with aims to become an actor. Somewhere along the line he decided to make the switch to pro wrestling where he debuted in Chicago’s Windy City Wrestling. Since then Daniels has found success in ROH and TNA where he is currently partnered with Kazarian as Bad Influence and recently had an entertaining but unsuccessful title match with TNA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Hardy.

A notable match worth searching up is Daniels encounter with another Chicago native, CM Punk in Rock Island, Illinois.

WWE. August 9th, 1999. Chicago, Illinois. The Rock, in the brief period where he looked like Cartoon Network’s Johnny Bravo, paces back and forth in the ring. A countdown commences. This all leads to one of the greatest and most memorable moments in pro wrestling history as Chris Jericho debuts. The roar that exploded when Chris Jericho’s name appeared on the big screen above the entrance by the rabid Chicago crowd ranks as one of the best ‘pops’ a pro wrestler has experienced. A great moment in time that Chicago created.

In 2011, a proud Chicagoan who made his entrance at the Allstate Arena was getting ready to compete for the WWE title at WWE’s PPV, Money in the Bank. He was up against John Cena, who was preparing himself for a very hostile Chicago crowd who were firmly behind their home town wrestler. In a great back and forth match not devoid of drama; CM Punk captured his very first WWE title. Another awesome pro wrestling moment experienced in front of a great and loud crowd.

Is there any pro wrestling moments that have happened in Chicago that you have experienced you would like to mention? Or is there a wrestler that is from or has their roots in a Chicago wrestling school or promotion you’d like me to know about? As always leave a comment below.

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