I want to eat a deep dish pizza now! Chicago style!

Over the past year since my interest in Chicago shot up, helped no doubt by my Chicagoan friend and before I got involved in Birmingham Chicago relations. I’ve been longing for something. Well, craving no doubt. That is for a Chicago deep dish pizza. Not just any deep dish pizza. Not just a pizza franchise that claims that Chicago taste, because, you know it throws the Chicago name in front of it. But an authentic, Chicago deep-dish pizza.

ChicagoTown PizzaNow one of the alternatives that I know of that I can get here in England is Chicago Town’s deep dish pizza. Not that I’m belittling their pizza, it is tasty. I like it. In fact I bought two boxes yesterday. But the company is based in Germany and you have to oven bake it from frozen.

No. I need to be in Chicago. I need to hop over the pond and travel to the Mid West. I need to try a freshly baked deep dish pizza, Chicago style. With its deep crust, its unique style where the cheese goes first, toppings second and sauce third, and, well I don’t need say no more. I’m sure almost all of you have already eaten one.

Its pizzas aren’t the only Chicago regional based foods I’d like to taste. I want to eat a Chicago-style hotdog. As I am walking through the city, I’ll be sure to stop off a hot dog vendor and sample, or rather yam it down. I’ll sure to stop off at Al’s Beef and Lucky’s Sandwich Company and eat their uniquely made sandwiches. After all that, I think I’d better treat myself to a dessert. Sundae at Margie’s Candies anyone?

As it stands, I should be in Chi-Town in time for Taste of Chicago.

As Chicagoans, are there any regional specialities that you can recommend for me to try? Do you have a favourite eat out place that I should go to? Let this Brummie from Birmingham know by leaving a comment or tweeting me.

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