Chicago O'Hare to Birmingham, reinstatement of direct flights a must!

Chicago O'Hare to Birmingham, reinstatement of direct flights a must!
Terminal One at Birmingham Airport/ Image courtesy of Birmingham Airport

Once again, the discussion of direct flights between Birmingham, England and Chicago, IL has resurfaced. Furthermore, Chicago is fully behind the reintroduction of flights between Birmingham Airport and Chicago O’Hare International.

Flights between the two airports were discontinued after the 9/11 attacks. Reports also suggest that business people prefer London’s Heathrow airport. Heathrow Airport is Britain’s largest and one of the busiest airports in the world.

Chicago O'Hare inside

Chicago O'Hare/ Image Courtesy of Chicago Department of Aviation

Talks have been ongoing for the past few years and have seen Chicago O’Hare International Airport and Birmingham Airport become Sister Airports in recent months. Considering the links between the two major cities in their respective countries, the reinstatement of flights would bring major benefits and help strengthen business, commerce, trade, tourism, and cultural links.

The third largest airport outside of London, Birmingham Airport is located in the heart of England. Chicago O Hare International Airport is the largest in Illinois and one of the busiest airports in the world handling over six times as many passengers as Birmingham Airport.

With the 20th anniversary this year since the two major cities became Sister Cities, the latest talks have been timely. Furthermore, this year will see more links being made between the cities.

For Birmingham, I feel this is great to see on going talks and to see progress being made. Also with the Birmingham City Council meeting with representatives from Chicago this week, talks can only further advance.

But, as Chicagoans, what are your opinions on this topic? Are you a business professional who has links within the West Midlands? Do you support the air link? Or are you just generally interested? Please share them by leaving a comment below, or tweet me.

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