Observing O.J. is an exercise in fascination and horror

For those of us old enough to remember the mid-1990s O.J. circus, the past couple of years have been a trip down memory lane. First the ESPN documentary “Made in America” and the miniseries “The People vs. OJ Simpson.” Then this week, O.J. for a brief time held us riveted once again. As most of... Read more »

Note to the media: It’s not a 4-day “holiday weekend”

  I need to vent people. If I see or hear one more reference to the so-called four-day “Fourth of July holiday weekend,” I’m going to barf. Humbug. Independence Day falls on a Tuesday this year. Not a Saturday, Sunday or Monday. As far as I know, Monday the third of July is not a... Read more »

The time Hedy Weiss taught me how theater can inspire empathy for the plight of others

There’s not much I can add about the Hedy Weiss-Steppenwolf Theater fiasco that wasn’t already eloquently expressed by my fellow bloggers Peter Bella and Dennis Byrne, so all I can do is relate my personal experience as a correspondent of Ms. Weiss. I’ve been a fan of Ms. Weiss’s work in the Sun-Times for quite... Read more »

Don't get robbed when you hold a garage sale

Summer is officially upon us, which means those rites of summertime in Chicago–baseball, outdoor concerts, street fairs, and yard sales, are in full swing. I love combing community yard sales on warm summer mornings, for the social banter as much as the finds, some treasure you weren’t even looking for. In the anonymity of the... Read more »

Looking back with regrets at a deeply flawed dad

With rare exception, each of us gets only one set of parents in this world. We don’t choose them. It’s the luck of the draw. If we’re blessed, we get two responsible, stable, loving parents. More often we’re fortunate if we just get one, and the least fortunate among us don’t even get that. It’s... Read more »

News Media Wallows in Wrong-Headed Nostalgia for Ringling Bros.

I wasn’t planning on writing another post about the demise of Ringling Bros., which had its final circus performance over the weekend. Let them go quietly, was my way of thinking. Unfortunately, but predictably, it wasn’t the news media’s way of thinking. In journalism school, one of the first things you’re taught is the importance... Read more »

For the Motherless on Mother's Day

For some, the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are difficult to get through on account of family friction or unpleasant memories associated with the season. For me, Mother’s Day has been a difficult non-holiday for quite a few years. Some years it’s worse than others, and I don’t know why. Having lost my mom at a... Read more »

Harry, a Prince of a Man

Just when I think that Prince Harry can’t possibly become any hotter or more endearing to me than he is, he proves me wrong. I have written before about my embarrassing but unapologetic fangirling over the British royal family, the queen in particular. After the queen, Harry is my favorite royal. I’ve always found him... Read more »

I’m with United: Leggings Have Got to Go

You may have caught a news item of monumental world importance this week:  United Air Lines allegedly refused to allow several girls wearing leggings to board a plane. The media, in typical fashion, fell all over themselves to breathlessly announce it to the world (Airline Passengers Turned Away for Wearing Leggings!!!) before it was revealed... Read more »

Goodbye Ravinia: You've Priced Me Out

The 2017 Ravinia lineup was announced the other day and as has been the case for the last several years, I opened the schedule with anticipation and then my heart sank. My heart sinks because to see any act I even recognize, a spot on the lawn starts at $50 and goes up to $70-plus including... Read more »