A Bitch Called Temptation

A Bitch Called Temptation

"Why everything that gotta be bad make me feel so good?" Kanye West

For the most part, I'm very capable of not giving into temptation. I think about all of the consequences and repercussions of my actions and scare the hell out of myself into doing the right thing. While that works, I sometimes question what life what be like if I actually gave in to my temptations. When you get to let's say the age of 12, you pretty much know right from wrong. You know not to steal those Marvel comic playing cards from the grocery store. You know not to ask your dad while he's half asleep if you can borrow the car. Sometimes knowing right from wrong isn't enough to stop you from doing wrong. If it was, my mom wouldn't have whooped my ass when she found out I took my friends joyriding in her brand new car 10 years ago. Giving into temptation certainly seems like a lot more fun than the straight and narrow. We get a thrill from executing the forbidden. But then I hear stories like the one I'm about to describe that make me think twice.

A short while ago, I got a phone call from my friend Rochelle. She tells me that she found the perfect guy. No one has ever made her feel the way that he does and the sexual chemistry is amazing. She told me that she shared the news with her best friend only to discover that her friend dated him a few years ago.To me, this was a no-brainer. I would have left him alone completely because my ego won't allow me to mess with someone who my friend screwed, but me and Rochelle are different people. And time has a way of changing things. I told her to be honest with her best friend and tell her how deeply she felt for the guy. Who knows? Her friend might not give a damn since she was in a relationship, happy and had clearly moved on. After weeks of conversation, Rochelle took my advice and found that frankly the situation did make her friend uncomfortable. Not the answer Rochelle wanted; especially since she never really stopped seeing the guy. They ceased sexual intercourse (out of respect for her friend of course) but he would come over and they would talk or watch a movie or cuddle when he could get away from his girlfriend. Yes he has a girlfriend.

All of the signs pointed to run. On top of being in a relationship and having dated Rochelle's best friend who means the world to her, he was unemployed. UN-EM-PLOYED.  Yet and still Rochelle continued to flirt with temptation. None of us can judge Rochelle at all. She's just doing what comes natural. What she WANTS to do. That's what temptation is. The desire to do something. It comes from within. It's nothing against her best friend or his girlfriend. She just wants to continue to see this guy that she wants to be with, is in love with and wants to screw. For now they talk on the phone, spend time together and "tempt" each other with ideas of being together if things were different. "Shantell, I'm in love with him but I can't be with him." That's what I hear at least once a week to which I reply "You may as well be together or stop because you seeing him behind your girl's back is just as bad as you f*****g him." We're on week 21. The thing about temptation is that usually all of the signs of why we should not do something are there, but for some reason doing the very action that we know we shouldn't do is so damn appealing. It's like you're driving a car in the wrong direction but refuse to turn the wheel instead pressing the gas peddle down to the floor.

Temptation may not hit us in the form of a best friend's ex but trust and believe we all get tempted. Tempted to call off work. Tempted to eat that slice of double chocolate cake knowing that we're supposed to be on a diet. Tempted to claim someone else's child on our taxes. The real character comes in how we handle that temptation. Do we give in, justifying our actions for selfish reasons? Or do we sacrifice for the greater good of a relationship or waistline? I know one thing; temptation is a bitch and she definitely does not go down without a fight. I wonder: Is is every okay to give into temptation?


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  • "The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it."

    Oscar Wilde

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    Aquinas...when does yielding to temptation prove bad?

  • Tempt yourself with the largest success you ever thought of, and let all of the rest of the temptations fall away. Love your article, thanks.

  • Glad you enjoyed it! Temptation is the only success that I'd like to tempt myself with but we all know that things come up!

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    the root of "temptations" is something you are not suppose to have or do thus, falling into to temptation, generally, is not beneficial or it would not be called a temptation. :)

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