We've Lost Another One: The Black Woman's Response to Interracial Dating

We've Lost Another One: The Black Woman's Response to Interracial Dating

Okay guys this topic isn't new, but unfortunately like other things that we believe should have died with the great jheri curl still have staying power. The other day a friend on Facebook put up a status about black women being angry when they see a black man with a white woman. Of course this status garnered the usual responses. They always have to take all of our good black men! Black men are threatened by a confident black woman. He can't handle me...etc.etc. All of the possible reasons one could come up with to justify what I believe is a very inappropriate reaction were mentioned. Allow me to share a different perspective.

What amazed me about this post was that not one "defender" of the Angry Black Woman's Crusade Against Black Men Dating White Women brought up the possibility of accountability for their actions and feelings. They either justified them by saying that the white woman was an insecure doormat, or that the black man thought more highly of white women than black women. The historical implications that a union like this signifies cannot be ignored. America's rich history of imposing a sense of royalty and superiority on white women over other races is not up for debate. But what can be focused on is how we react to and access the things that we see.

If you're one of those black women that gets angry at the sight of jungle fever, first explore the reasons WHY you feel the way you do about the situation. I challenge you to do something that is very difficult. Go inside of yourself and access YOUR insecurities about the current setting. Is it really that the man can't "handle" you and wants a "doormat" (I happen to know quite a few very strong assertive white women btw) or is it that you feel that you're not good enough for him? Is he really choosing her because he thinks she's better than you because she's white or is it that YOU think she's better than you? Another thing: stop assuming that a black man who is with a white woman is a "good one." How do you know how good of a man he is? He could just be a bum with a white girlfriend and in that case she did you a favor! Granted there are some black men out there who do view white women as trophies, doormats and any other thing besides an equal partner; but to generalize and apply those labels to undeserving black men everytime you see them with a white woman is just plain rude. While it has its challenges, love is blind and grand and pure and fascinating. Let's focus on seeing it as such and not ruin it by imposing our harsh generalizations strictly because of someone's race. Besides don't you think the KKK has that covered? Til next time, good luck and good love.

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    Nice one to wake up to. lol So much I can say but I feel where you're coming from. I think it's cute to see, and lately from my observations and experiences, a lot of white men have been feeling the sistahs! Well let's say showing it more now...Until they show me their true intentions on dating each other, who am I to imply that it's based on ethnicity? Though there is a THIN line between discrimination and preference, we all have the right to choose...But we should further explore the "redbone/yellow bone" phenomenon...because it's not the infatuation with White women that has Black women looking sideways, but lighter complected women period...Because having been told I'd look better if I were lighter by a guy who was darker than me is something to address...

  • Thanks for saying. My wife isnt black so to some I am a monster. I will never understand why black women seem to care so much about it. It's sad vicious cycle. Blaming everyone for something that is out their hands.

  • In reply to Evan Moore:

    You will never understand? So sad!!!

  • In reply to Babbs:

    I do understand. that it's not my problem.

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    I think your sarcastic comment says it all.

    I think that the " Angry Woman " attitude needs to go, society is taking a good look at it , and it's going to have some serious consequences for the entire race as a whole.

  • Love trumps race.

  • I've argued about this topic so many times that I've worn myself out on Tough Love Letter to Black Women Who Hate when Black Men Are in Interracial Dating Relationships. I still stand by the same theory, "Why would you spend this amount of energy worrying about a man who doesn't want you?" I can't wrap my mind around why sistas spend so much time on this and less time on the guys who actually WANT to date them.

  • When I (smart cute white guy) was in high school there was a smart cute girl (black girl) I wanted to date, but she wasn't in to me. 10 years later at our reunion she was a doctor and looked hotter than ever, but most of all sweet, social and nice. I was and am still happily married, but boy if I was single then I would definitely have tried again. She had everything a guy could want. No stigmas, just a great woman.

  • Great column

  • Why is everything in black and white? There are wonderful men of all races. Women should look for certain qualities in all men like morals, values,compatability, friendship, economic prospects etc.

    Black women need to take black men off the pedastal, by doing so they are damaging themselves by lowering their value and adding more value to black men. They are creating more options for black men which gives them an ego of disrespect ing and de-valueing blackwomen. Black women stop worshiping them you look pathetic and desperate, why aren't you even embarrased? Have you no pride or shame? It looks like you are begging men to stay with you or be with you who don't to be (pitiful). You are so foucused on men who don't think about you for two seconds and are happily living enjoying their lives, while you are just angry and bitter. This is no way to get a good quality man in your life. Change your focus to meeting a wonderful loving man, just too much attention on black men. The obama/ huxatable fantasy isn't going to happen for everyone.

  • Whoa! The brush is too broad, the generalizations too sweeping. There are any number of variable in the whys : age, geographic region, economics, personality, family issues to name a few. I went back to school as a non-trad and observed this : younger black males from a lower economic stratum, wanted white girls for status. That certainly can't be said for all black men esp if they are mature -- in all ways. Some of the white girls opted for black males for equally skewed reasons including lack of self esteem. Chaz Hammelsmith Ebert lacking self-esteem? I don't think so. I think too, some younger people use interracial dating as a form of rebellion. Other young people grew up in a time and place where race had ceased to be an issue. There are always people who meet and interact in 'non-romantic' settings. They develop romantic feelings over time as they realize the other person is special in their lives.I think it's just too complex to slap on stereotypes.

  • I prefer blasians.

  • It saddens me that my people have become so complacent. At the present time there are more loving relationships between Caucasian women and Black men on tv and in movies than there are loving relationships between Black Women and Black men. Our Black children see this, while living in their own broken homes, and internalize that a Caucasian woman should be with a Black man. For example, the movie "Red Wings" is set in the 1940s- a time when Black men still dated and married Black women almost all of the time, and yet the producers did not deem it necessary to put any Black women in that movie, and again, the only woman in the movie is Caucasian, because the Black actress was cut from the damn film. You will NEVER see a movie with Caucasian men at war and no Caucasian Women represented anywhere, while another race is so blatently showcased. Yet, instead of taking that issue to the streets, we buy tickets to make it a blockbuster. Did integration COMPLETELY drive us insane to the point of not wanting our own people to be with each other? If I were Jewish, NO ONE would question my right to say that I want my son or daughter to marry a Jew. It would not be politically incorrect to say so. The same could be said for any other ethnicity, but Black people are still ashamed to say the same, and keep buying into this "Rainbow Love" fantasy. Blame it on Black women if you want to- the same women who outnumber eligible Black men ten to one- but, if we continue to be complacent on this matter, combined with ALL of the other problems our race already faces, our race will soon be extinct.

  • In reply to JoAnn:

    Great article. I agree that how Blacks are represented in the media is an important issue. However, I think that is a different issue than what she's written about here. I believe that those who only want to date within their race, economic strata, religion are well within reason to do that. I don't judge them for making that choice. That being said, I expect the same in return from people who see me (a Black woman) and my man (from Serbia). There are historical reasons and social constructs that have made some people "believe" that White women/light-skinned women, etc have been ordained by God as the pinnacle of beauty and class. But the issue that I think the author is addressing here is the reality--that that's not true. You know, it's one thing for men who want to go and date women for the wrong reasons--arm candy, status, etc. believe that but connect the dots here--is that the guy you really want? I don't care if he is the same race as me! She can have him. Also, it's another issue entirely when two people genuinely connect in spite of, or maybe even because of a difference like race and culture. They have the right to exist without other people acting disgruntled because of it, and/or as if they get a say in who strangers are dating.

  • In reply to BeccaLynn:

    Basically, as women, as Black women, it's our job to know our value--regardless of the crazy dynamics created by the historical/social constructs of this country. Crying about a man that you a) don't know b) doesn't want you and/or c) choosing to assume or accepting that his partner is better because he is the same race as you and she is not is basically just really unhealthy--for real.

  • In reply to JoAnn:

    Joann I fully agree with your statement above and will take it a step further. It's true we will see Hollywood make sure they have positive images on the big screen showcasing successful interacial dating of black men/white women. It's an attempt to further destabilize the black family... If you can't conquer the race, you breed them out. If you notice you very rarely see white men/black women scenarios on the big screen or on tv. That's because black women are not thought of as a prize to have, however, obtaining the white man's prize is something every man should always strive to gain.

    This type of mentality is pushed at your better athletic universities. I attended a division I university and I can't begin to describe the way the system has set up the relationship Btwn their football/basketball players and the white co-eds. What's even worse, in the popular club area of city would refuse to let women of color into clubs when you had certain sports teams on the vicinity, unless you were white or a white looking Cuban female.

    When you can attend a major athletic university and are put in situations whereby you are mostly exposed to white women, you are going to basically date and marry what you are surrounded by.

    It's something I have witnessed on many occassions and find it ridiculous and negligent to hear men say you can't help who you love or they were not out seeking a white woman, yet they make no effort to date black women!

    Children/ young men are taught by action or neglect. Joann as you said, any other race can make comments on or off screen that they expect their offspring to marry Jew, Indian etc. However, black people to not set the tone of their expectations with black boys. I may have digressed or stayed sime of off the original topic, but it's a worthy subject that I felt I had to add my two cents...

  • In reply to JoAnn:

    Well, these "new blacks" want to know why you are retarded enough to want to stand up for your own survival. Haven't you heard? There's cache in being a "black" and "educated" professional who stands on whitey's bandwagon and says "What's the problems? I don't see color!"

    Don't you know that if you dated white men ALL of your social and economic problems would be over? If Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X had only given an all white girl mixer, all historical and systemic racial injustice would have come to a close much earlier, and there would have been no reason to march.

    The problem with you is that you are thinking within your cultural sensitivities----something no proper white person or Shantall is bound to respect----for she is a "new black." The type of person who only views the world through the nightly news lense of the white world, and also through the lenses of their white employers.

  • In reply to JoAnn:

    1. It is politically incorrect to demand that your jewish daughter marry a jewish man
    2. Judaism is a faith, a choice, and not a race. There are black Jews. I dated one.
    You are comparing apples to oranges.
    You are incorrect, and you are far behind the times and a symbol of our collective problems if you think it is acceptable to impose a racial test on who ought to be dating who. Chill out when you see two people of whatever races dating each other. They found each other attractive and interesting. You cant assume anything else.

  • Before anyone says it, I did mean "Red Tails".

  • oooooor maybe he just likes her. why does there have to be an reason either way. why does there have to be a debate.
    he likes her, not "you". go find someone who likes "you"

  • Shantell Johnson likes to forget what black people are up against in 2012 America.

    Many things may change, but the chance to beat back and beat down black people fairly early in their lives does not.

    This nation, as viewed through various media outlets, is still bent on telling the story of a dehumanized black existence. We are still being subjected to the historic and system psychological scarring put into place since our ancestors were forced unto shore.

    Black people in this country have always been treated differently. The news media always reports on our people from the angle of "suspects." We are dehumanized on a contiuum, as were our mothers and fathers.

    Black people are talked about as second-classed citizens, and we still hear stories about professionals from the men in blue, to those in banking, housing, and employment who seek to erase our numbers from their midst.

    On the contrary, everything white is rosy. Even white criminals are not treated to the dehumanization on the level of blacks in the white media.

    Do to various studies, we know that a white person with a criminal background will more than likely get the job than a black person with the same credentials and no criminal history.

    We have heard the stories told to us by our mothers, fathers, grandfolks, and neighbors the humilliation and unfairness they have to suffer at the hands of white employers, etc.

    This sht is on a continuum with black hip hop/rappers expressing their preference for white women and others. This is a very large microphone, Shantall.

    The psychological scares run deep. And just because I am an educated professional; I will not endeavor to blind my own eyes to how the wider society is taught on a generational basis to view our people. I will not speak the language of whites and pretend not to see color. Not to see injustice. Not to see the faces of our children when the media speaks of them and their families in a dehumanizing fashion.

    Why don't you speak to that Shantall? Have your white man or woman. But be clear, it's isn't about you, dear: it's all about white priviledge. On a contiuum.

  • In reply to MrsMommy:

    ....Excuse the typos in the previous post.

  • In reply to MrsMommy:


    I understand where you are coming from, but I don't think it has anything to do with white privilege; It is about some black women being picky.

    If the guy was not attractive, most sistas could care less who he dated. It's only when a big name Hollywood actor dates a white woman that it's a major issue. (And I know this as an average looking man myself)

    From a black (educated) man's perspective, the real reason a lot of sistas complain about being single is because they won't give up their physical requirements for a man. If a guy is 5'8 (like yours truly), with a strange physical build (large head, skinny body), most sistas won't look past that to see a church going, God fearing, door opening, complimenting, back massaging man who would give them his last breath if it would prolong their lives.

    And what's up with disrespecting people on their blogs? ChicagoNow is always looking for bloggers, ya know? It troubles me that I have to keep reminding ADULTS on Facebook and Twitter to respect the "landlords" of a particular page. You didn't school Shantell on anything because you didn't even get her last name right. LOL!! You were so busy trying to spite her face that you cut off your own nose.

    Take this tip, dear sista: Respect the opinions of others because that's how we learn and grow. And if you want a brotha to be attracted to you...don't hate. This sister's blog just got distributed in the e-mail feed of The Chicago Tribune. (That's how I found it).

    Don't put her down; Learn from her. Be blessed.

  • In reply to MrsMommy:

    Wow, if a majority of black women have the attitude that you have, I can see why a black man wouldn't want to date you.

    Are there still white racists out there? Sure there are. But you have just shown that there are also plenty of black folks in this country who hate white people and think that all of "white society" is trying to keep black people down.

    "The language of whites"? I thought Dr. King wanted all of us to speak the same language.

    Maybe I've just been lucky that all of my black friends saw me as a person, not as a white person.

    I feel sorry for you, having to carry around all that anger and hatred, you must live a miserable life.

  • What choices do wealthy, successful, powerful black men make? What choices did Tiger Woods make?

  • Thanks for the perspective! I am a single white guy, who sometimes sees a similar predjudice being directed at men, who go out with younger women. As a never married baby boomer, I see nothing wrong with going out with someone from Generation X, or Generation Y. As long as she is 21 or over, she is okay for me to approach. Baby boomer women who are happily married rarely protest. Those who are single, widowed, or divorced sometimes get insecure, over this. I never left a wife, for someone younger. Therefore, I have a right to date anybody I please! My ideal age range is 30-45, though I WOULD consider a contemporary lady, especially if I liked her, "back in the day"!

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    Enjoy you pointing out - ...if he's a bum, she's doing you a favor...
    Generally my response when she is basically Trailer trash...

    Though I have a hard time w/ MrsMommy comments, she does have a few points that clearly cannot be shunned away as one persons perception.

    Our obsession to categorize created the term "interracial". Each time we try to see beyond ones appearance, our karma drags us right back into the mud. The plight we have as Americans (not just White..)

  • I am a Black woman... I honestly don't know where my anger against this issue or thought process comes from. I grew up in a mixed area and had plenty white friends. As an adult, we hung out, traveled together and I eventually lived in a predominantly white area. It wasn't until my son started displaying negative behavior toward blacks that I woke up. He was having trouble in school with his new teacher. I was getting calls constantly from her. Finally, I asked him... "You've been a great student so far, why are you having so many issues with Ms. Smith". His response took my breath away... He stated, "She is black, she is not a real teacher". That made me change his doctor and dentist. My son needed to see other black professionals, so he could learn our worth.

    I will admit, I would prefer him to date and marry within our ethnicity. I was a single mom for 15 yrs of my son's life. I made many sacrifices to get him where he is (a junior at the Univ of Iowa). However, because I love him I will respect his decision.

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    In reply to Spiceyji69:

    Wow, that statement pretty much sums up why I have such a hell of a problem getting students to take me seriously as a Math teacher. Even though I'm Choctaw INDIAN I still get treated like "black" and apparently they think I'm not a "real teacher" and I do get told at times to my face that I don't look like a "real Math teacher". But they don't go so far to say that "because she's black" part because I'm NOT, I just look black because I'm dark. I would say "kids can be cruel" but other adults treat me the same way. Only in Indian Country (New Mexico) may I ever get treated like a "real" Math teacher for that and only that reason.

  • I'm a black male member of several dating sites. I don't have a preference, but, for some reason, mainly white women have been responding to my profile. So, what am I supposed to do? What kills me is when a black man asks out a black woman, she turns him down, he goes to a white (or other race/nationality) woman and, suddenly, the black woman is angry. YOU turned him down, why do you give a damn who he's seeing now?

    I'm also surprised that black women won't go out with white men. Give the poor guy a chance, he might be the man of your dreams just in a lighter hue.

  • Right off the top let me say, Black women are the most beautiful, civilized, and naturally attractive women in the world and as a black man I don't wan't to see a white man with her because he well never love her fully because she can't produce a white child for him like his natural mate the white woman. His is an opposite's attract kind of forbidden fruit thing where as my love for my natural mate goes back to ancient times. Protect the black family. Adore and protect the black women, with your life, black man.

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    As a caucasian man married to a black woman, and I say caucasian because both or my great-grandparents came off boats in the late 18 hundreds, I would like to say this. When people find out I am married to a black woman, their response is always,
    "Really? Thats cool." Once they meet my wife, they understand why I married her. For her mind and for the respect she has for herself. Her physical beauty and class were just the cherry on top. There are just as many white woman out there that get angry with white men for marrying black woman. What you're failing to realizes is that color has nothing to do with it. Other than attraction, ALL relationships have to do with three things. 1: common ground - similar goals, similar background and similar visions of their future. 2: inner admiration - the heart, the mind, the soul all must be admired the same. 3: confidence - that they will make you a better person. If you find all three in once person, it doesn't matter the color of their skin, and it doesn't matter what others think. What matters is your thoughts. It is about the couple and their love and admiration and support for eachother that count, not the thoughts of strangers.
    Did you ever stop to think that the freedom and equally that our leaders like MJK and JFK fought for, and the wars our country have been in have been for this very reason? For the freedom of choice. This isn't 1912 where soldiers fight with and bunk with their race and where there are white only and black only signs everywhere you look. This is 2012. Aren't we suppose to be more civilized than that by now? For someone to get angry with or dislike someone for marrying someone because their skin color is different, just doesn't make sense in todays world.

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    In reply to Alex Catalano:

    My wife and I also wrote a book about getting married and have a blog. Please check it out. This is a great subject and we will be talking about it in the near future.

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    In reply to Alex Catalano:

    It just so happens that the only men who CAN see me past the color of my skin tend to be "fresh off the boat" foreign European or Israeli ones. The one I have now liked me because I'm smart and a Math teacher. That, to me, is a "keeper." Most of the time men see only my skin color and are actually surprised I HAVE a brain, let alone a suburban-educated Yale graduate one. Most people can't see my brains or intelligence past the color of my skin. At least, not American men of any color. Yeah, I keep a Passport - I have to go to Europe to get husband material!! Once they set foot in America they quickly get corrupted by American racism.

  • I've been in an interracial marriage for the last 3 years. Every relationship that I have had with women have been interracial. Plus, I come from an interracial family. God intended for us to interact with one another, we're HUMAN. Color, race, and creed should not matter. It's all about AMOR in my book.

  • The word "interracial" is term developed and used by caucasians to point out that they have gone outside their race for a mate, not the other way around. This is America, heaven on earth for the white race, but it's minority population they dominate and keep submissive by denying them equal rights under the law. Now the children and grandchildren of former slave owners want the children and grandchildren of former slaves to believe we are all equal. So, yes, white man , you have changed your laws to allow you to have a black wife in the open, and with less shame, but remember even the simplest animal knowns to "mate with your own kind"! One day black men will be able to protect their women and keep you away for good. But, until then, Enjoy! while you can.

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    In reply to I Adore ebony women:

    How disgusting that you consider "your own kind" to be a matter of skin color only; nothing else? Not upbringing, not interests, not socio-economic status, not belief systems such as religion, etc. Nothing but skin color. Talk about racist. Able to see nothing more but skin color and deciding all based on that alone. The very definition of "racist."

  • I'm jumping in here late, but part of the problem is the white approach of "oh, what's the big deal, love knows no color". That's my opinion, I'm white and I don't personally care what people do, but to brush the issue away is not giving proper understanding to black culture.

    To many black women it's not "oh who cares!" because they care. You did an excellent job of hitting on why they care and what they can do to make peace with the situation.

    Interestingly the equal and opposite situation of white guys marrying/dating black ladies doesn't seem to resonate with white women as much. Maybe that can be your next topic!

    Keep up the good work, Shantell!

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    I'm jumping in late, too. I've gone to several book club meet-and-greets and this is always a heated topic. I think we'll eventually get to a place where race really doesn't matter at all; the individual values will be the overriding factors.

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    Ugh... What ever happened to "because we have great chemistry?" That's the way it has always been with me and the women I have dated (and I have dated the entire rainbow). I am engaged to an intelligent, yet strong-willed white woman, and I can tell you it wasn't for any reason any black woman can tell me. I say to my sistas, stop hatin', and start datin'. Date not because of race, but because of personality, and you will have better relationships.

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    In reply to Klaus Kinetic:

    Yes, my "Jewish" guy and I get along great because we're both Biotech and Math people not the "Jewish" thing or the "Choctaw Indian" thing. We have things in common like upbringing and education and likes and dislikes so the fact that people actually push in-between us when we walk outside together......well, all that says is that New York is a racist hellhole that sucks and we need to be somewhere where people leave other people the hell ALONE. Silver Spring, New Mexico comes to mind.....

  • Its a blessing to see and feel the vibration of The Most High permeate through many of the comments of the Original (Kemites, Hamites, Cushites....etc....LOL). peoples. There is CERTAINLY a "new black" in 2012 ameriKKKa. He/she is the new intellectual who feels whites should be forgiven for THOUSANDS of years of white supremacy (ie. masonic ritual rape of Original women in mass, genocide against MANY ethnic peoples, the plundering of what little hard earned land many of us had, the displacement of countless original peoples families via the satanic middle passage era, the satanic ritual of lynchings and the castration of Original men in mass......etc)....I mean I could go on for WEEKS! And NOW we have this insane discussion on why conscious Original women shutter at the sight of so called interracial dating in lue of our horrific plight here in respect to our satanic treatment by whites. My view is .....few are chosen. If a black man wants to continue to dumb himself down genetically/scientifically.....let them. If a black man wants to help whites from being eradicated from the planet genetically.....he has the freedom to do so. Keep it moving black Queens. But I feel you all. Im an Original man married to an Original daughter of Allah. A direct descendant of Kemet. It saddens me to see our brothers and sisters so absolutely unconscious to our culture and plight here in ameriKKKa. But I digress.....again....few are chosen.......777

  • In reply to LordBlax777:

    Are you kidding me? As a black woman with both common sense and intellect I feel the need to go here. If there is a such thing as the "new black", the same can be said of the "new ni66a". To even propose that black people of intellect who are accepting of interracial dating equates to the forgiveness of 400+ years of a displaced people's culture and mentality is so completely absurd. From that statement, is it then fair for me to assume that it's only the non-intellects, yourself included, that are reactive and guided by the same Nazi ideologies that further perpetuate an enslaved cultural mentality? I'll let you answer that one.

    Anyways...my point is regardless of intellect, education or lack there of, relationships are matters of the heart and people have a right to choose without being judged. I really believe that the author is suggesting that both sides of the coin be considered. Not every black man who marries outside his race devalues black women or is a "good man". If you're the same woman that finds yourself pissed off at the black man who dates thin, fair-skinned black women and you're chubby with a slightly darker complexion then perhaps within lies the problem.

    Dating outside your race does not make you anymore culturally aware then dating your own kind. It's 2012, really!

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    Frankly, I live in Brazil(I´m descendant of both White Europeans and Japaneses, I have several Blacks as close friends) and I ask to myself if people in the United States are crazy every time that I see this issue being discussed.

  • As a black male who is married to a Afro Latina , I get the same responses. Turned up noses, rude and uncalled for comments in public, even though my wife probably has more African blood than I do ( I have a Cherokee grandparent on the maternal side, and on the paternal side, my great grandfather was the child of his mother's master ).

    It amazes me to see the anger and the resentment, especially because when I was single, the same women wouldn't give me the time of day because of whatever reason. ( I am center-middle class , VERY well educated, goal oriented ). It seems that some want brothers to jump through hoops to date them, only to mistreat them once they are in a relationship and expect more out of us than they are willing to give themselves. The brother who doesn't have the " total package " also is often overlooked even though he may be far more successful than those who they are passed by for.

    Being in business, I watch other cultures date, and looks are important to a degree, but when it comes down to settling down, they evaluate what type of person will be a successful parent, husband, head of household, when it seems that we're still focused on the superficial things in life.

    Personally, I was single for 20 years after my divorce and it was either me emptying out my bank accounts to please someone who can't be pleased, or always being shoved aside for someone who was better looking, even if they were unemployed.

    I think we should really learn to evaluate our priorities more subjectively, and realize where we are, where we came from, and where we're going to be in 100 years. Extinct if there aren't any major changes in our behavior and our antagonistic attitudes towards one another.

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