Want Mr. Yes? Hold The Kitty

Want Mr. Yes? Hold The Kitty
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So...you meet Mr. Yes 3.0 and everything is perfect. He's smart, funny, treats his mother right and has a body by Jake to match. You want to sleep with him and it feels so right. So why not? Read on.

Too many times, women get wrapped up in the moment. They go with what feels right, give up the nooky and then wonder why the guy only calls after midnight, if at all. This may sound strange, but if you really like a guy, hold off on sleeping with him for as long as you can. I'm not advocating for folks to go purchasing chastity belts, but just don't be so quick to hop in bed. This may seem obvious to some, but we all know that common sense isn't so common. Now it goes without saying that a guy will respect you more if you withhold the "kitty" for the first couple of months, but that's not why I'm suggesting you don't sleep with him. Even more than the respect, (trust me you'll gain that by default) guys are hunters by nature. Anything that comes naturally easy to them, besides gift shopping and buying socks, they tend to shy away from. And whether you want to admit it to yourself or not, you're game to them.

Make them feel like they have to work for it, but not to the point where you're scaring them away. Show affection. Spend time together, build a solid foundation based on a genuine connection other than sex. But only do this with Mr. Yes! Now if it's a guy that you just want to have a little bit of fun with, then by all means give up the kitty. Just be OK with and prepared for whatever may happen afterwards. Remember....have fun and be your true, authentic self. You can't go wrong with that! Unless your true authentic self gives up the nooky to a potential Mr. Yes on the first date!

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    Shantell, I completely agree with you. No good guy wants to settle with an easy girl. He needs to respect you and see you as a potential long-term mate that he can introduce to his family. If he really likes you, he will take the time to get to know you and not pressure you to do anything. Plus with all the diseases floating around, you don't want to take your chances with a stranger-even with protection. It's not worth the risk. After getting to know someone, when you finally decide the time is right to sleep together, it will likely be that much better.

  • Nice post... I agree with holding off on sex, but not necessarily to get and keep the interest of Mr. Yes... I think it's important to do it for self. Hell, you might lose interest... Make sure it's something that you want! :-) Looking forward to the next post!

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    I digthis piece. I will say though make sure that you aren't putting a number time frame on it and look more on howe the progression of the relationship is going and what you have learned about the man

  • Thank you guys for the comments! Darryl I definitely agree...having a strict 3 month or 6 month rule can do more harm than good, but I don't see putting the reverse into play...i.e. saying "we've only known each other a week...it's too soon" More posts coming soon :)

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