Crossed Wires


I recently had two new Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets installed in my kitchen only to have the outlets to keep tripping. Whenever multiple devices were plugged into either of the outlets the alarm went off, caused the outlet to trip, and ultimately caused the corresponding outlet to lose power. Life is the same way when our wires are crossed.

First, we are alarmed when we don’t understand when things don’t work when multiple devices are plugged in or connected with one another, so we trip out and automatically shut down to protect ourselves until we need to be reset. When the reset button does not work, we not only effect ourselves, but we also impact those around us, until we’re all without power.

This is when we need to ask ourselves why are so many devices plugged in at once even when they are not operating? I found that the outlets worked fine with one device plugged in at a time. Then I had to call someone to help me get to the root cause. An electrician came out and found the wires were crossed causing high voltage and not allowing multiple devices to operate simultaneously. Are your wires crossed causing high voltage and not allowing you to operate at full capacity? Who is your power source that you need to call and find out the root cause of you being alarmed, tripping and without power? Call your source today so that your power and the power of those around you can be restored!


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