Some people never change

Have you ever separated yourself from a person for a while because the two of you just weren't seeing eye to eye on things?  Perhaps you all had an argument and weren't getting along well and decided not to speak to each other anymore.  After some time passed by, fate caused your paths to cross again, or one of you (the less stubborn one) gave in and reached out to the other person.  Soon after the two of you start talking or hanging out again, that person does the exact same thing that caused you all to stop associating with each other in the first place.  That's when you're reminded, "This is why I distanced myself from this person."  Some people never change!

I've learned that I can't change people but more importantly, I don't want to change them.  I can however, change how I react to them.  It wouldn't be fair for me to kick people out of my life simply because they do things that I don't necessarily agree with.  I've learned a few valuable lessons from people in my life based on them doing things differently than I would have done them. 

I used to become frustrated by some people whom I thought just didn't get it.  When people knowingly and consistently did things that I didn't agree with, if there was no need for me to deal with them, then I didn't.  I've learned to take some of the expectations off people and place them on myself.  I'm responsible for what I accept and how I digest it.

Now, I'm accepting people for who they are and loving them anyway.  Rather than constantly and unsuccessfully trying to drive my points of view home and get them to see things my way, I accept the choices they make, and I exercise control over my reactions.

In some cases, some people may never change, and that's O.K., but you can change how you let people and their actions affect you!

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  • Oh my God what a great topic. I dated this guy for 3 1/2yrs. We separated for about a year or so. However, he eventually reached out to me and we started hanging out a little. Shortly after reuniting with him. I realized some people never change. He had been married, bought a house, now separated and getting ready to go through a second divorce, lost the house but still he was the same man I knew years ago. All the things that had changed in his life the ups and downs, some how he managed to stay the same. No change to me is equivalent to no growth. In order to grow one must change. I love him dearly but I want no parts of a relationship or a friendship with him. I accept him as the man that he is but I chose to say goodbye to him as well

  • Easier said than done, some things just hit a nerve. Lol! When you genuinely care for someone it's so hard to see them do things incorrectly. You try so hard, from different angles, to help them to see their faults. Unfortunately, there is no success. Some people just don't recoginze their potential or that you are trying to help them not hurt or control them. I can't stay and watch someone self-destruct. I've learned to make notes of why things end so I don't stress myself out over them trying to fix stuff again. And if ever we should cross paths, I'll be cordial and keep it moving.

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