Play to Win

It’s on you; what are you going to do? Because you went for the rebound, the ball is in your court; what play are you going to make? You showed up early for every practice and you even studied the game book, yet you rode the bench all season long, but for some reason, the... Read more »


Trust yourself. Believe in your goals and go after them even if it’s never been achieved before. Be the first! Blaze the trail and set the new standard. People (regardless of their good intent) who live in fear will try to talk you out of pursuing destiny, but your future shouldn’t be negotiated by someone... Read more »

Their Unbelief Doesn’t Make it Untrue

There are going to be some people we encounter who don’t believe in us, who are not for us and who will not choose us and that’s O.K.! Their lack of vision or willingness to accept the vision doesn’t mean we’re not in the picture! They can try to cut us out, erase or minimize... Read more »

Watch What You Eat

Who is winning the war in you? Is it your overweight or heavyweight self? Are you having bad news for breakfast with a glass of doubt? Are you snacking on fear and negativity throughout the day and digesting stress, anxiety and worry for dinner? Watch what you eat! You can control your diet. You can... Read more »

Come Out!

Come out from whatever you’re hiding behind and shine the way you were intended to. Just like the sun rises and the clouds make way for it, it shines and radiates its light. Is your light visible? Just because it isn’t shining doesn’t mean it’s not there. What or who needs to be moved so... Read more »

Power to Influence

Whether you realize it or not, you have the power to influence. Your words or lack thereof, your actions and lifestyle are all being observed. You don’t have to be the most famous icon with a platform, but somebody is watching you and being inspired by you and making their next move based on what... Read more »

Crossed Wires

I recently had two new Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets installed in my kitchen only to have the outlets to keep tripping. Whenever multiple devices were plugged into either of the outlets the alarm went off, caused the outlet to trip, and ultimately caused the corresponding outlet to lose power. Life is the same... Read more »

NOW is the RIGHT Time

It’s time to dream again! Go back and get those dreams you’ve laid aside and dust them off and make them a reality Now! What are you waiting for? For the economy to bounce back? For the pandemic to end? For a new job, house or spouse? You have the power to make your dreams... Read more »

Off to a good start

Despite the very real life adjustments that are continually being made, Dennisha’s college experience is off to a good start!  Yes, my daughter and I cried because of the separation and she even wondered if she had made the right decision.  One thing is sure; Dennisha activated her faith and stepped into a place of... Read more »

The college send off

What a send off!  My baby’s first time away for college and of all the states she could attend school, she chose to attend in the state of Florida.  Out of all the times that Florida has experienced tropical storms and hurricanes, Hurricane Isaac decided to show up during her college orientation week.   As if... Read more »