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Toxicology Testing in Death, Part II

As I started my last post: Drugs cause or contribute to a huge number of deaths. Let’s look at some toxicology testing results from an individual who died a drug-related death. If you are a number-o-phobe look away now. Although there is no arithmetic involved, there are some funky numbers and potentially intimidating units of... Read more »

Toxicology Testing in Death

Drugs cause or contribute to a huge number of deaths. (When I talk about drugs I include alcohol, our most misused and most dangerous drug. Alcohol is a drug, it is actually a narcotic.) Those deaths include the obvious accidental and non-accidental overdose or over-use, as well as a large drug contribution to motor vehicle-related... Read more »

Is Cocaine Even More Mainstream?

I am amazed (and appalled) by how easily my high school freshman daughter speaks of cocaine, We saw a couple of teenagers apparently dancing and bouncing in their car and her first thought/statement was that they were probably on cocaine (mine was that they were young and exuberant). Another time she told me how a... Read more »