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Pondering Death Scene Memorials

Memorials spring up seemingly within minutes of deaths these days. Stuffed animals, candles, notes, pictures, crosses, all manner of things and memorabilia seem to sprout up at the places of death everywhere. Why? I used to think that this was something unique to our country, but googling a few years ago disabused me of that... Read more »

Support the Grief Work of Others

I began this 2 post series discussing the grief work that my friend will have to go through as the result of his father’s death. It is definitely worth a look. How can those that care for my friend be of the best support and service to him? First and foremost, his friends should not... Read more »

Grief Work, Grieve Well

A friend of mine recently lost his father. Why do we shy away from saying someone died? Why do we have so many imprecise euphemisms for death? Why? I’ll come back to that some other time, to our fear of death, our feeling that by not mentioning its name it won’t come for us. With... Read more »

Cocaine in a Poly-substance Death

In response to a question posed to me: A comment by Anonymous: Thank you in advance for any answers you may be able to give. My boyfriend was alive at 8am on Friday and found dead at 5pm on Saturday. He was a very depressed drug addict that had been self professed clean for 9... Read more »

Heroin Still Killing Youth

A few weeks ago I ran into someone I hadn’t seen in a while. She recalled a talk I gave about 6 years ago and thanked me again for sounding the alarm. I had warned of the rise in heroin use and abuse. We were seeing an increase in deaths secondary to heroin overdose and... Read more »

Poor Self-Esteem or Self-Worth Kill

Poor self-esteem is huge as a cause of death. I would even go so far as to say that it is a, if not the, leading cause of death in our country. Poor self-esteem is ubiquitous, it is multi-faceted and complex, it is legion in its presentation (in general and in any given individual), and... Read more »

Myth of Hair and Fingernails

A question that comes up from time to time concerns to old tale that your hair and fingernails (and toenails, but who would notice) continue to grow after death and burial. This is likewise at times portrayed as happening on TV and in movies. Sorry, but they don’t. Although, folks arising from the grave do... Read more »

The Odor of Death

How do you deal with the smell of a decomposing body at a scene? There is no smell like the smell of a body decomposing. I have seen even the most hardened investigator retch at the smell. Why do you think that they always send in the rookies to those kinds of death scenes? It... Read more »

Natural Death, Not So Natural

Most deaths occur from “natural causes”, but how natural are those causes? [Just a note: in cases of natural death the ME or Coroner would have the manner as “natural” and the cause as whatever the disease was that resulted in the individual’s death.] Cancer is a natural cause of death. However, how natural is... Read more »

Scared to Death

Can you be scared to death? Now is the time to ponder that, as we begin the season of haunted houses, haunted walks, Fright Fest, and other scary locals. Some of these places carry warnings for people with heart conditions or if they are pregnant (sustos?). Six Flags Great America is even keeping visitors who... Read more »