Natural Death, Not So Natural

Most deaths occur from “natural causes”, but how natural are those causes?

[Just a note: in cases of natural death the ME or Coroner would have the manner as “natural” and the cause as whatever the disease was that resulted in the individual’s death.]

Cancer is a natural cause of death. However, how natural is lung cancer after years of smoking cigarettes. Yes, tobacco is “natural”, its a plant product after all. But smoking cigarettes can’t be all that natural considering the array of diseases it causes. Maybe we need another manner of death category.

Heart disease is a natural death. What about those folks who persist in overeating, not exercising, and generally not caring for their own health? Being a ‘couch rutabaga’ is not natural. Eating a highly processed, chemicalized diet is not natural. How then is this end result of heart disease and early death natural?

We in the death investigation field have plenty of work to do. We really don’t need you to help increase our client base. We particularly do not want to see people before what should be the natural end of their life. We prefer all the naturals to be elderly and die peacefully in their sleep. Don’t rush to death early with a cigarette in one hand and oxygen tank in the other or with a large order of fries, bacon double cheese burger, and TV remote as your companions.


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