The Beginning

I thought I’d lay out some reasons I blog and why you will be interested.

Who am I? The short answer is that I have 6 years of experience working in a Coroner’s office. I am a trained medicolegal death investigator and working in a busy coroner’s office has given me plenty of experiences to put meat on those training bones. I also have an extensive medical background, including currently teaching medically related science classes.

People always have a lot of questions about death, particularly the death of loved ones. Although, judging by the popularity of various TV shows, we have questions about other folks’ deaths as well. This will be an interactive forum so that you can ask questions and get real answers about death generally and specifically about death closer to you. Sometimes it is easier to ask questions and get answers in a forum like this either because those that ought to answer questions are “too busy” or we don’t want to appear confrontational until we are armed with a bit more information.

Everybody dies, it is inevitable. Sometimes it comes at random, sometimes we prime the pump and hasten its arrival. In addition to the informational focus of this blog, I hope that some of the information that I post can help death from coming for you any earlier than it needs to. I have seen way too many preventable deaths and I always hope to forestall at least some of them. I hope you all live to a ripe old age and die peacefully in your sleep.

Each death comes with a different story and I will share some of those with you as well. Death of young people is always the hardest. Their life ends before they reach their full potential. They die before they can have all the fun they planned. They die before they can attend all of the parties that they wanted to attend. They die before their parents and we all know that is not supposed to happen.

We will talk of death. We will talk of drugs and trauma that contribute to those deaths. We will talk of the odor and look of decomposition. We will have an adventure together.

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