Is Cocaine Even More Mainstream?

I am amazed (and appalled) by how easily my high school freshman daughter speaks of cocaine, We saw a couple of teenagers apparently dancing and bouncing in their car and her first thought/statement was that they were probably on cocaine (mine was that they were young and exuberant). Another time she told me how a kid who often comes to school stoned was overactive that day because, reportedly, her dealer had laced her pot with cocaine.

Have we become that used to cocaine in our society that it can be discussed so matter of factly? It is widely over-used and abused. It causes or contributes to death beyond most any other drug, second only to alcohol. Cocaine is one of the most biologically wide-acting drugs we use. The drive to use in a user is so intense that more often that not they will only stop using when they have no more of it available. It causes a wild-fire in the pleasure centers of the brain, leaving them burnt out. It also generally over-stimulates large numbers of your brain and nerve cells while limiting nutrient delivery to those cells, it pushes your heart muscle at the same time it tightens your blood vessels limiting its access to oxygen and nutrients as well. There is no safe dose, any amount can lead to stroke, heart attack, and death in individuals of any age.

Yes, I said it stimulates the pleasure centers, but before you take that as anything close to an endorsement, I want to share a little ditty I learned years ago and repeat frequently:

“Drugs, they can thrill you, they can kill you
They can make you high and they can make you die”

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  • I love your death blog. Every day it's a new spook. Hey, can you do a post about less obvious killers, like maybe freak accidents involving staplers that occur at an alarming rate?

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