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Why I refuse to assimilate

If you have been listening to the news, by now you may know that in the last couple of days two controversies surrounding assimilation have surfaced. In the first one, Tom Brokaw, a journalist with a brilliant and respected career, said in “Meet the Press” that: “Hispanics should work harder to assimilate”. In the second,... Read more »

The non PhD

*This post was written during ChicagoNow’s Blogapalooz-Hour for August 2016. During Blogapalooz we are given a prompt and we have one hour to post. This is today’s prompt: “Write about something in your life you’d like a second chance at” When I was young, like really really young, I always wanted adventurous careers: at 12 I... Read more »

Why college students, both boys and girls, are feeling the Bern

The other day, while teaching my students the subjunctive in Spanish, they had to finish the sentence “Me mudaré a otro país en caso de que…” (“I will move to another country in the event that…”). As you can imagine, this happening in a university, none of my four classes failed to quickly fill in... Read more »