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Why I refuse to assimilate

If you have been listening to the news, by now you may know that in the last couple of days two controversies surrounding assimilation have surfaced. In the first one, Tom Brokaw, a journalist with a brilliant and respected career, said in “Meet the Press” that: “Hispanics should work harder to assimilate”. In the second,... Read more »

Why I decided to become a US citizen in the Trump era

One year ago, on November 9th 2016, I woke up to watch the news in a stupor. As the election wasn’t progressing in any way that made sense, I had gone to bed early the night before, after Pennsylvania, or Ohio, or Michigan, was called. There were so many that I don’t remember the details... Read more »

Of Thanksgiving, globalization and my homemade gnocchi.

*This post was written during ChicagoNow’s Blogapalooz-Hour for November 2016. During Blogapalooz we are given a prompt and we have one hour to post. This is today’s prompt: “ “Write about something you believed as a child or in your youth that turned out not to be true.” Last week, like millions of American families, I hosted... Read more »

Racial profiling is not the answer to terrorism

The other day I was happily surprised when one of the universities where I work sent an e-mail asking professors and staff to be extra thoughtful of our Muslim students in the next few weeks, to make sure they know that they are welcomed, and accepted, and supported in our academic community. The memo was... Read more »