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The irony of an overscheduled procrastinator

*This post was written during ChicagoNow’s Blogapalooz-Hour for February 2016. During Blogapalooz we are given a prompt and we have one hour to post. This is today’s prompt:“Write about a habit or routine of yours that you would either like to break or that you hope never ends.” As contradictory as these two habits are,... Read more »


I had something different planned for today. Something more wintery. But my niece asked me for this recipe, and Chicago gave us a Spring teaser in February. That deserves a little summer in the kitchen. I have been asked for this recipe many times. And, sadly, my answer is always very vague, as I don’t... Read more »

The timeline of a cochlear implant in photos

<b>October 13, 2015. Surgery day.</b> Here we go again, another Tuesday 13th. In Spain, Tuesday 13th, or <i>"martes y trece"</i>, is supposed to bring bad luck. Both of his surgeries were on Tuesday 13th, almost three years apart. A friend put together a list of all the good things that have happened on Tuesday 13th in history, and I will be eternally grateful to her for that. The first time I was looking for any excuse to back up. The second time I considered it a good sign. Here he is happily playing before going into the OR. He took the nurse's temperature and BP before she took his. We played, explained and prepared him quite a bit so he wouldn't be scared. Luckily, we succeeded. Being in a big pediatric hospital, Lurie Children's Hospital, truly helped, as they are more than used to deal with little kids.
*Disclaimer: some of the pictures in this gallery are graphic and show a healing scar in detail. If you are sensitive, you may want to have someone else have a look at them first.  *Second disclaimer: This post intends to be informative in nature. I am not weighing in the pro or anti cochlear implant... Read more »

Why college students, both boys and girls, are feeling the Bern

The other day, while teaching my students the subjunctive in Spanish, they had to finish the sentence “Me mudaré a otro país en caso de que…” (“I will move to another country in the event that…”). As you can imagine, this happening in a university, none of my four classes failed to quickly fill in... Read more »

The lucky ones. In memory of Donna Quirke.

When people find out that my four year old is deaf, their first reaction is to say that they are sorry. Every single time I answer with a line that leaves them perplexed: “Don’t be sorry for me. I’m one of the lucky ones”. And every single time, they have a hard time understanding why... Read more »

Sometimes average can be great

Today I heard some of the most amazing words about my four year old. “He was like everybody else”. This might sound weird to you, and I get it. Normally, every parent harbors the hope that their kids will be better than most. Incredible. Outstanding. Amazing. Excellent. Perfect. But today, for me, average summed up... Read more »

Food as a cultural statement.

For a long time I have been thinking about starting a recipe section. I like to take pictures of food, and since I have been asked how to cook some of the dishes, I have decided to post them here. Most of them are common Spanish dishes, that I cook the same way my mom... Read more »

Spanish hot chocolate

When you are raising your family away from the place where you were raised, you have to build your own traditions. One of ours is to make Spanish hot chocolate every time it snows, which in Chicago, is quite a bit. Actually, I write this as we are getting  a Valentine’s Day snowfall. Thin and... Read more »

My Chicago Restaurant Week 2016 recap

<a href=""><b>BOKA</b></a>: Starting with BOKA was not necessarily a good idea, since we could only go down from there. We had gone there last year, so we already knew what to expect, and those expectations were certainly met. The service was fantastic, the food and presentation were exquisite and I even liked my drink. The noise level was low, and I love the room and its green wall. We hope to be able to try the full menu some time in the next year, when we recover from the last few dinners out.
Like every year, when the weather turns chilly, and we are cozying up in our warm homes, the Chicago restaurant industry tempts us to get out in the cold for Chicago Restaurant Week. In case you don’t know what I am talking about (and you should), during almost two weeks an increasing number of restaurants... Read more »