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Focus (or its lack thereof)

Right when I started to write this blog, the blog boss made a funny comment about me not being able to focus. As you can see, he had a point, since in the 19 posts I have written there have been a couple about parenting, one about breastfeeding, one about travel, one about schools, and... Read more »


* This post was written during ChicagoNow’s monthly Blogapalooz-Hour. We were given 60 minutes and a topic to write about: “Write about your tomorrow. Not figuratively, literally write about anything that you hope, fear, believe, expect — anything — that you may experience tomorrow.” Tomorrow. Tomorrow I will wake up, take a shower, make myself... Read more »

10 reasons why we should be called lion moms (and dads, for that matter)

By we I mean parents of special needs children. Before I had a special needs child myself, I didn’t have a clue of what it meant, and how easy I had it the first time around. I had had friends with special needs  as a kid, but I had never met a special needs mom... Read more »

The missed celebrations

One of the biggest downsides of living abroad is that you miss a lot of family celebrations. At least if you ask most people, because if you ask Mr. FA, he is quite happy about it, unless the celebration is the wedding of one of his friends in Ibiza, one month after baby number three... Read more »

Yep, that's a salad and I intend to eat it or "La operación bikini"

Now that I have plane tickets to go to Spain, and not a lot of time before I use them, I feel the imperative need to do what in Spanish we call “La operación bikini“. In Spain the general population seems to be leaner than here, and you can see how a winter in the... Read more »

A safety reminder, or how my worst nightmare became my second grader's first adventure

Yesterday evening I received an e-mail that I read in astonishment. It came from Not so Little L’s school, and it was an account of how a man had gone into their after care program and had asked about a kid, thus gaining entry to the school. He was restrained by some brave teachers and... Read more »

A day without the Internet

Actually, it was more like two days. And it was not totally without the internet, as I still had access through my cell phone’s LTE network. Thankfully my very clever Mr FA  had upgraded my plan a few months ago. But I still could not access the Internet from my shiny and sleek new laptop,... Read more »

Lazy Sundays far from home

One of the worse parts of living 5000 miles from my family are Sundays, particularly winter Sundays, or rainy Sundays. Lazy Sundays, if you want. In Spain, Sundays are nowadays devoted to two things: family and hangovers. When I lived there, young and restless, I went out every single Saturday night, all night long, Spanish... Read more »

WTF, did Louis CK just say that on SNL?

Yes, he did. And it is fine. Kind of. I don’t watch SNL that often, or any live TV for that matter anymore, as you cannot tell the little critters that they get no screen time if you get it at all. But tonight I happened to be watching the opening monologue of the season... Read more »

The bully next door

We all agree that bullying is terrible, unacceptable, and that kids need to be taught not to bully their peers. But what exactly is bullying? Who is a bully? Where is the line that separates teasing from bullying? When we think about bullying, we imagine a big kid hitting another kid. Mean girls abusing their... Read more »