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10 Russia-gate alibis NOT used by Congressman Devin Nunes

This afternoon, House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) is reeling from the leaking of the following list...

Cubs Victory Parade: Top 10 blemishes

The Chicago Cubs victory parade and rally was a spectacle for the ages. But given baseball is a game of great subtleties and nuances in which perfection is seldom attained...

Top 10 Derrick Rose Excuses

Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose skipped his teammates’ victory last night over the Los Angeles Clippers. The Bulls injury report initially listed the cause of absence as a restless night’s sleep at his 3,102-square foot Trump Tower condo...

Good-bye Chicago: 10 T’ings I Won’t Miss

Mayor Emanuel says Chicago is “a world-class city with world-class infrastructure.” Then why does the Kennedy Expressway shrink for 5½ miles (from Montrose to Cumberland) to three lanes in either direction? This might work for a suburban artery serving strip malls and Applebees, but for getting in and out of one of the world’s busiest airports? Not world class.
As The FluffingtonPost leaves Chicago to start a new chapter in Los Angeles, my feelings are mixed. On the one hand, Chicago has been my home for multiple decades. My parents live here. My childhood memories took root here. On the other hand, local corruption and the deterioration of all local public institutions bring to... Read more »

On this date: Alternate Almanac is born

Almanacs are an odd breed. They’re usually antiquated the very day of publication, as that’s the first day their weather forecasts are proven wrong...

Top 10 Super Bowl predictions

Super Bowl Sunday and reckless sports wagering seem as perfectly paired as a Real Housewives marathon and white trash wedding planning. In Vegas...

2013 in Review: 10 funniest posts not leaked by Edward Snowden

Most year-in-review pieces leave much to be desired by us at The Fluff. Yes, they provide a broad look back at national and global events. Or in the case of Dennis Rodman – a galactic view...

2013 in Review: The Fluff’s 10 funniest images

From “The Week That Will Be – in Jokes #2” (Aug. 23)
What better way for a 2013 in review than through its images. After all, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, but given the going blog rate of $0.00/word, the ratio is fairly arbitrary ratio. After all, this would also mean that 17 words or a 3,500 pictures would also be worth roughly the same...

Is New Yorker caption contest judged by troglodytes?

When the film reviewer Roger Ebert passed in April, longer tributes noted his devotion to the weekly New Yorker caption contest. I enjoyed knowing we had this in common. The New Yorker even posted...

Chicago’s Top 10 new budget balancing ideas

After two budgets filled with hundreds of millions of dollars in tax increases, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is at it again hustling new “creative budget ideas” to plug yet another 9-figure shortfall in the city’s $8 billion budget...
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