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A Last Laugh: 10 Learnings from Election 2012

10. Obama learned his victory over Romney should earn him a second Nobel Peace Prize – or as Norwegians call it: the rare “Double Knöbber.”...

10 funny thoughts on Obama, Romney & Chicago elections

10.) If Romney loses, expect him to sell the GOP off in pieces, starting with the Tea Party to a consortium from Twinings...

Trick-or-Treat: 10 Great Presidential Campaign Pranks

1. Trigger nationwide Charmins shortage by TP’ing all of Mitt Romney’s mansions...

Infographic: What bumper sticker would YOU put on Mitt Romney’s car?


A Presidential Face-off of Debatable Proportions

Did you miss the first presidential debate Wednesday night? Then you missed the candidates putting education first by ensuring all students fell asleep early on a school night. Here are 10 other funny highlights in photos:

Attack by plagiarists puts Mitt Romney on defensive

CNN commentator and admitted plagiarist Fareed Zakaria today attacked Mitt Romney for lacking fresh ideas. Zakaria is the latest in a long line of plagiarists to lodge this same exact criticism against the Republican presidential candidate...

Mitt Romney blames 47% of his problems on Obama class warfare

Following Mother Jones Magazine’s release of his secretly taped remarks, Mitt Romney called a news conference Tuesday to blame class warfare by the Obama Campaign for forcing him to divide the American electorate into simplistic classes of victims and victimizers...

Mitt Romney Proposes ‘The Million Millionaires March’

Countering criticism that his campaign lacks specific proposals, Mitt Romney today unveiled an ambitious plan to establish the first-ever “Million Millionaires March.”...

Presidential Endorsement: Is Obama v. Romney our only choice?

Editor’s note: Like any newspaper, The FluffingtonPost maintains a board of aging “wise men” (and one female) who pontificate with glib certainty on issues of the day. Here is their presidential endorsement:...

10 Photos for Your Souvenir GOP Convention Scrapbook

Relieved that a black man named Isaac won’t be showing up, Republicans in Tampa gave the all-clear, turned the lights back on and started their convention on Tuesday. For those creating GOP picture books at home, the wait proved worth it. Here are some of the instant classics:
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