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Good-bye Chicago: 10 T’ings I Won’t Miss

Mayor Emanuel says Chicago is “a world-class city with world-class infrastructure.” Then why does the Kennedy Expressway shrink for 5½ miles (from Montrose to Cumberland) to three lanes in either direction? This might work for a suburban artery serving strip malls and Applebees, but for getting in and out of one of the world’s busiest airports? Not world class.
As The FluffingtonPost leaves Chicago to start a new chapter in Los Angeles, my feelings are mixed. On the one hand, Chicago has been my home for multiple decades. My parents live here. My childhood memories took root here. On the other hand, local corruption and the deterioration of all local public institutions bring to... Read more »

10 Digital Billboards You Won’t See in Chicago

How can one man representing the Midway Airport area hold the entire state and its financial sanity hostage?
Chicago: “Hog butcher for the world, tool maker, stacker of wheat” and now... builder of billboards? That’s the grand ambition of Mayor Rahm Emanuel...

End of Era: Chicago politics loses its last Dick (Mell)

The Chicago City Council – which has long lacked balls – has now lost its last remaining Dick with the official retirement Wednesday of 33rd Ward Alderman Dick Mell...

The Week That Will Be – in Jokes

Daily newspapers are shadows of their former glory. So The FluffingtonPost proudly beta-tests a radical change in newspapering. Instead of chronicling yesterday’s news, we’ll attempt to predict the news of next week...

Should Rahm swap privatized park benches for parking meters?

In a city where gangs own the streets and one private firm owns all metered parking on those streets, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is moving to adjust the much-loathed 75-year parking meter lease. In his final round of “sweeteners” forwarded to the City Council, he’d lessen the parking-meter bite by letting the meter company also... Read more »

Chicago murder rate pauses as entire city awaits Wrigley deal

As a “drop-dead” deadline passed this week without a Wrigley Field deal between the Chicago Cubs and Alderman Tom Tunney, city officials touted one silver lining. Citywide absorption in the drama has slowed Chicago’s murder rate...

Rahm Emanuel: Has absence made our hearts grow fonder?

Despite Chicago leading the nation in unemployment, gas prices, political corruption and more shooting deaths than in Afghanistan, Mayor Rahm Emanuel takes his doctor’s advice to heart: “Make sure to take some breaks.”...

Will future Chicago casino be Rahm Emanuel’s Obamacare?

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel humbly congratulated himself Wednesday for submitting a balanced budget. He also gave city taxpayers an early Halloween gift by terrifying them with the threat of taxes doubling to cover $1.2 billion in new pension costs...

Will Ryder Cup choke mean rebirth of Occupy Wall Street?

Following the U.S. golfing millionaires’ stunning “Meltdown at Medinah” Sunday, the Occupy Wall Street organization has reported a huge surge in traffic and donations to their Web page...

Top 10 Silver Linings to Chicago Teachers’ Strike

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