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Good-bye Chicago: 10 T’ings I Won’t Miss

Mayor Emanuel says Chicago is “a world-class city with world-class infrastructure.” Then why does the Kennedy Expressway shrink for 5½ miles (from Montrose to Cumberland) to three lanes in either direction? This might work for a suburban artery serving strip malls and Applebees, but for getting in and out of one of the world’s busiest airports? Not world class.
As The FluffingtonPost leaves Chicago to start a new chapter in Los Angeles, my feelings are mixed. On the one hand, Chicago has been my home for multiple decades. My parents live here. My childhood memories took root here. On the other hand, local corruption and the deterioration of all local public institutions bring to... Read more »

Cubs fans cheer “We’ve got Ricketts!”

Stealing a page from Sister Teresa, Cubs owner Tom Ricketts beamed positivity at his annual spring training kickoff news conference by proclaiming the Cubs playoff contenders...

Cubs GM Jed Hoyer quits over new mascot

With the Chicago Cubs’ naming of “Clark,” a cute caricature bear, as the new team mascot, General Manager Jed Hoyer has resigned. Team president Theo Epstein was stunned by Hoyer’s exit, believing more than enough room exists in the organization for two mascots...

Bears weather delay leaves 12 players with injured groins

While NFL officials congratulated themselves for suspending the Bears-Raven game out of safety concerns, a dozen Bears still suffered torn groin muscles during the weather delay...

Chicago’s Top 10 new budget balancing ideas

After two budgets filled with hundreds of millions of dollars in tax increases, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is at it again hustling new “creative budget ideas” to plug yet another 9-figure shortfall in the city’s $8 billion budget...

Cubs Theo Epstein for U.S. President?

Cubs Theo Epstein for U.S. President?
On Thursday, media obsession over Cubs President Theo Epstein’s recent news conference shifted from whether Manager Dale Sveum could be fired to whether Epstein might run for President of the United States...

Cornholing the Cubs: Will Gov. Ricketts move team to Nebraska?

OMAHA, Neb. — As part of his second run to become Nebraska governor, Pete Ricketts – brother of Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts – is rumored to have promised moving the Cubs to Omaha...

Bears preseason finale: Critical Qs for pointless game

As every concussed Chicago Bears player will eventually tell you, Thursday night is their final pointless Bears preseason game of the year. Or as their future class-action personal injury lawyers will call it: Exhibit A...

Jesse Jackson Jr. gets 30 months for impersonating a public servant

With great sadness, The FluffingtonPost bids bon voyage to one of its favorite public servants: Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) Wait... Is "bon voyage" appropriate for getting sent up the river...

10 Digital Billboards You Won’t See in Chicago

How can one man representing the Midway Airport area hold the entire state and its financial sanity hostage?
Chicago: “Hog butcher for the world, tool maker, stacker of wheat” and now... builder of billboards? That’s the grand ambition of Mayor Rahm Emanuel...
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