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Health care website works great after error-checking software run

Applying the physicians’ philosophy of “Heal thyself,” President Obama visited the offices of Health & Human Services today and personally fixed the much beleaguered health care website...

Government shutdown has even cult deprogrammers wary

As the GOP’s hostage taking of the U.S. government enters its 822nd day, cult deprogrammers nationwide announced they will no longer take cases involving deprogramming members of the GOP’s Tea Party...

Cornholing the Cubs: Will Gov. Ricketts move team to Nebraska?

OMAHA, Neb. — As part of his second run to become Nebraska governor, Pete Ricketts – brother of Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts – is rumored to have promised moving the Cubs to Omaha...

Predator Drone: Justice served in Zimmerman case

The FluffingtonPost today welcomes an exclusive guest editorial about the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman Trial from the MQ-1 Predator – one of 7,000 unmanned aerial drones deployed worldwide by the U.S....

Fla. extends Stand-Your-Ground protection to pro-gun activists

Responding to gun owners who fear losing their constitutional right to pursue gun happiness, the Florida State Assembly today extended “stand-your-ground” rights to all citizen soldiers fighting the erosion of gun liberty...

CEO Compensation: 10 Habits of Highly Overpaid Individuals

LEADER OF THE PACK: Ellison’s list-topping executive pay was up 24% in 2012, despite  a 22% decline in shareholder return. This included $1.5 million to cover his home security needs.
With vacation-house season now in full key-party swing, The New York Times has published its annual list of best compensated CEOs in America.The good news: the median compensation of the 200 richest CEOs leaped by 16% in 2012 to reach $16 million...

The Week That Will Be – in Jokes

Daily newspapers are shadows of their former glory. So The FluffingtonPost proudly beta-tests a radical change in newspapering. Instead of chronicling yesterday’s news, we’ll attempt to predict the news of next week...

Edward Snowden in Russia: 10 tarmac time-killers

Edward Snowden gives new meaning to the phrase “fleeing from justice.” In the 2½ weeks since outing himself as an NSA leaker, he slummed it for several days in a luxury Hong Kong hotel, then probably crashed on the futon of a Chinese online gaming buddy, and is now impersonating a college backpacker who lost his passport at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport...

Eight Dumb Lives Saved by NSA Spying

President Obama continues defending NSA surveillance of Americans’ phone and Internet activities on the grounds the programs “save lives.” However, the Administration remains largely mum on specific examples, making it impossible to judge whether the lives saved were really worth it...

NSA Branding Czar goes ‘ape sh*!’ over release of old PowerPoint templates

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Disclosure of two highly classified NSA surveillance programs has unleashed a tsunami of Beltway anger, recriminations and finger pointing not seen since the final days of the 2008 McCain-Palin campaign...
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