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Jesse Jackson Jr. gets 30 months for impersonating a public servant

With great sadness, The FluffingtonPost bids bon voyage to one of its favorite public servants: Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) Wait... Is "bon voyage" appropriate for getting sent up the river...

Jesse Jackson Jr. officially begins his ‘Dark Knight’

On Wednesday, comic book aficionado and sometime Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) pled guilty to conspiracy for misusing the most campaign cash in history. Per his plea agreement, he did not wear his Batman belt buckle in court; however, he did his quote his favorite millionaire-scion hero...

Illinois politicians give thanks for not being Jesse Jackson Jr.

Illinois Democrats uniformly applauded Jesse Jackson Jr.’s decision to resign Wednesday from Congress. They also agreed it in no way argues against their party’s long, proud tradition of political power families...

Jesse Jackson Jr. readmitted to Mayo Clinic after Bears’ loss

Sunday night’s 13-6 home loss by the Chicago Bears to Houston has plunged millions of fans into depression.  Just a week after the delirium of routing Tennessee 51-20, optimism for the future has plummeted disturbingly low...

What is ‘bi-polling disorder’? And why is Jesse Jr. relapsing?

Jesse Jackson Jr., who was recently diagnosed with a rare bi-polling disorder, has checked back into Minnesota’s Mayo Clinic. With the Presidential Election heading into the home stretch, his family said the temptation for Junior to obsess over multiple polls was just too great...

Rev. Jesse Jackson disputes Mayo Clinic is ‘too white’ for Junior

Rev. Jesse Jackson reported yesterday his son, Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr., continues to make progress recovering from vague, undisclosed conditions that may or may not be limited to just being tired and moody...

Might Voters Forgive Jesse Jackson Jr. if he’s Bruce Wayne?

The secrecy surrounding Jesse Jackson Jr.’s bizarre disappearance is without parallel – except in superhero comics. So what’s the chance Junior is actually recuperating from crime-fighting injuries? Judge for yourself using...

Heaven Responds(!) to ‘A Prayer for Jesse Jackson Jr.’

We all aspire to reach heaven, but goodness, could heaven’s customer-response standards be any worse? We send up our prayers but have no idea if they are received, filed properly or dismissed by some sneering clerk. However, I did receive the below response to my recent “Prayer for Jesse Jackson Jr.” It indicates changes may be afoot up there but also that some old attitudes will die hard...

A prayer for Jesse Jackson Jr.

Dear God—  I am praying for your assistance in the speedy recovery of U.S. Rep. Jessie Jackson Jr...

5 Jokes: Supreme Court Proves Shy about Man-dates

1.) While upholding key portions of Obamacare, the Supreme Court sidestepped directly ruling on man-dates. Observers believe the Court is delaying until a nice, juicy same-sex-marriage case plops in its lap.    ...
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