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On this date: Alternate Almanac is born

Almanacs are an odd breed. They’re usually antiquated the very day of publication, as that’s the first day their weather forecasts are proven wrong...

Clive Owen sees double in River North

Clive Owen sees double in River North
To its chagrin, Chicago’s affluent downtown neighborhood of River North is not without pockets of underdevelopment. The unsold penthouse at Trump Tower. The old siren firehouse on Franklin tempting developers dining at Gene & Georgetti...

Predator Drone: Justice served in Zimmerman case

The FluffingtonPost today welcomes an exclusive guest editorial about the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman Trial from the MQ-1 Predator – one of 7,000 unmanned aerial drones deployed worldwide by the U.S....

CEO Compensation: 10 Habits of Highly Overpaid Individuals

LEADER OF THE PACK: Ellison’s list-topping executive pay was up 24% in 2012, despite  a 22% decline in shareholder return. This included $1.5 million to cover his home security needs.
With vacation-house season now in full key-party swing, The New York Times has published its annual list of best compensated CEOs in America.The good news: the median compensation of the 200 richest CEOs leaped by 16% in 2012 to reach $16 million...

Father’s Day Fun Photos: A 1st-Time Father’s Journey

My little boy: You always crossed your legs in the ultrasounds, and for some reason, the doctors were 90% certain you’d be a girl. So my first surprise as a new father: You arrived as a boy! And P.S. little Benny... you were just one changed chromosome away from being a “Sylvie” for life.
Last month, my wife and I adopted our first child. My biggest surprise so far? Well, I expected the belching, but why does no one mention all the gas from the other end...

Yuppie Movie Review: Denzel Washington’s ‘Flight’ – 4 stars

Editor’s note: The FluffingtonPost welcomes back film reviewer Chad “Chad” Elkington from his one-month hiatus as a Romney volunteer out of their Hinsdale, Ill., office....

Did you stretch? Not as much as that Chicago Marathon ‘spectator estimate’ will

With today’s 35th running of the Chicago Marathon, the race is well-established as a local tradition. In fact in my household, we celebrate it each year as that great crisp autumn day when Chicago Marathon organizers announce an absurdly high spectator figure...

Presidential Endorsement: Is Obama v. Romney our only choice?

Editor’s note: Like any newspaper, The FluffingtonPost maintains a board of aging “wise men” (and one female) who pontificate with glib certainty on issues of the day. Here is their presidential endorsement:...

Is the ‘Kindle’ Killing the CTA Book Recommendation?

When compact discs arrived in the ’80s and ’90s, I chuckled at old schoolers bemoaning the demise of album cover art as if vulgar tribes had overrun Rome. I couldn’t have cared less...

A prayer for Jesse Jackson Jr.

Dear God—  I am praying for your assistance in the speedy recovery of U.S. Rep. Jessie Jackson Jr...
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