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Father’s Day Fun Photos: A 1st-Time Father’s Journey

My little boy: You always crossed your legs in the ultrasounds, and for some reason, the doctors were 90% certain you’d be a girl. So my first surprise as a new father: You arrived as a boy! And P.S. little Benny... you were just one changed chromosome away from being a “Sylvie” for life.
Last month, my wife and I adopted our first child. My biggest surprise so far? Well, I expected the belching, but why does no one mention all the gas from the other end...

Post-Cinco de Mayo, U.S. Alcoholics Look Ahead to Chechen Independence Day

As biodegrading landfill agents do their magic on cheap Cinco de Mayo sombreros, the nation’s 14 million alcoholics have turned their attention to the next great foreign holiday appropriated for American insobriety: Chechen Independence Day...

New Year’s Resolutions: My Funny 10 for a Lucky ’13

It’s never too early to think about New Year’s Resolutions. Unfortunately, too many go bland with perennials like losing weight and avoiding hard spirits around the Amish...

10 Unavoidable Holiday Office Personalities

Work offices are much like watering holes on the savannah: a gathering place for those with no more in common than the need for regular hydration. Yet a pushy minority continually organizes holiday parties that force us to spend even more time with these 10 indelible yulefide types...

Twelve Days of Capitalistic Christmas ♫

Western Civilization has bequeathed us many things. One is capitalism, and the other is the Christmas giving season – a combination immortalized in the great consumer anthem “The 12 Days of Christmas.” Of course, today’s holiday season lasts far longer than just 12 days. So before retailers successfully lengthen it into the “12 Months of Christmas,”... Read more »

Trick-or-Treat: 10 Great Presidential Campaign Pranks

1. Trigger nationwide Charmins shortage by TP’ing all of Mitt Romney’s mansions...

5 Jokes for the Labor Day Weekend

1.) 91.7% of Americans will celebrate Labor Day today. Remainder to join Flash Mobs of mattress store sales...

5 Jokes: Fourth in July; first in your heart *

1.) The 4th of July is by far my favorite holiday – that one day a year my bunting belly shirts don’t look out of place.    ...
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