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Top 10 Super Bowl predictions

Super Bowl Sunday and reckless sports wagering seem as perfectly paired as a Real Housewives marathon and white trash wedding planning. In Vegas...

Cubs lose badly to Breaking Bad finale

Despite over-hyped speculation that Cubs Manager Dale Sveum might get whacked on the field at the end of today’s Cubs-Cardinal game in St. Louis, only 14 fans tuned into the last game of the 2013 regular season...

Dear Celebrity: I’m too young to be your pen pal

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas split:
My first child recently turned three months, but behaviorally, he has gone straight from newborn to man of letters. I am partly to blame...

Clive Owen sees double in River North

Clive Owen sees double in River North
To its chagrin, Chicago’s affluent downtown neighborhood of River North is not without pockets of underdevelopment. The unsold penthouse at Trump Tower. The old siren firehouse on Franklin tempting developers dining at Gene & Georgetti...

Pearl Jam: The Price of Pearls at Wrigley Field

Pearl Jam – those slacker darlings of progressives everywhere – will bring their emotive show to the Top 1% masses when they play Wrigley Field on July 19. The concert is expected to be Chicago’s priciest show, with seats ranging from $180 to $2,400...

Will Chanel give men a Brad Pitt scent of their own?

Three weeks after its debut, Brad Pitt’s Chanel No. 5 commercial has caused quite a stir. More than 5 million views on YouTube. A couple SNL lampoons. Spoken-word poets taking vows of silence. Some women confused if Chanel’s attractive new female spokesperson is just in need of some electrolysis...

Yuppie Movie Review: Denzel Washington’s ‘Flight’ – 4 stars

Editor’s note: The FluffingtonPost welcomes back film reviewer Chad “Chad” Elkington from his one-month hiatus as a Romney volunteer out of their Hinsdale, Ill., office....

The Week That Was – in Jokes

1.) Bill Clinton crowns Colombian-born Sofia Vergara winner of his annual Clinton Global Initiative beauty pageant...

Watch out: 10 Funny Predictions for Fall TV Season

1.) Betty White endorses new plasma screen for seniors that turns on in snooze mode and dispenses real plasma...

5 Jokes: Straight off my Bucket List

1) Witness a Mexican stand-off, involving actual Mexicans...
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