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5 Jokes for the Labor Day Weekend

1.) 91.7% of Americans will celebrate Labor Day today. Remainder to join Flash Mobs of mattress store sales...

5 Jokes for the Back-to-School Season

1.) The Obama and Romney campaigns confirm the spiraling cost of college. Nearly $2 billion alone will be spent to win the 2012 Electoral College...

5 Jokes: Major Mystery Solved about Classified Ads

What if the same person is responsible for most classifieds? Would it change how you read them (or any random five for that matter)? Consider these five from the fictitious pages of the world’s favorite fake aggregator The FluffingtonPost:...

5 Jokes: Straight off my Bucket List

1) Witness a Mexican stand-off, involving actual Mexicans...

5 Reflections after 127½ Hours Trapped in the Wild

FluffingtonPost film reviewer Chad “Chad” Elkington returned Sunday from a solo wilderness trip re-experiencing film locations from the movie 127 Hours. Planned as a typical yuppie copy-cat adventure, it turned harrowing when he lost his GPS tracker...

5 Jokes: This Life and Last

1.) In the age of mobile devices and iPad streaming, could Socrates have finished the thought: “The unexamined life is not worth…”...

Developing Story: 5 Jokes about Breaking News

1.) As part of making Chicago more immigrant friendly, Mayor Emanuel has named the Chicago River a sanctuary waterway for Asian carp. He also formally apologized for the past use of electrified detention fences...

5 Jokes: Andy Murray, JoePa & Formula One

1.) U.K. officials see Andy Murray’s crying jag after Wimbeldon loss as Waterloo for Scottish independence – or at least its humbling Divine Brown moment. ...

5 Jokes about the God particle (and other minutia)

1.) Discovery of “God particle” at Switzerland’s CERN research center also ends years of speculation about Rölf the Webmaster as source of mysterious odor.  ...

5 Jokes: Fourth in July; first in your heart *

1.) The 4th of July is by far my favorite holiday – that one day a year my bunting belly shirts don’t look out of place.    ...
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