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Twelve Days of Capitalistic Christmas ♫

Western Civilization has bequeathed us many things. One is capitalism, and the other is the Christmas giving season – a combination immortalized in the great consumer anthem “The 12 Days of Christmas.” Of course, today’s holiday season lasts far longer than just 12 days. So before retailers successfully lengthen it into the “12 Months of Christmas,”... Read more »

Rahm Emanuel: Has absence made our hearts grow fonder?

Despite Chicago leading the nation in unemployment, gas prices, political corruption and more shooting deaths than in Afghanistan, Mayor Rahm Emanuel takes his doctor’s advice to heart: “Make sure to take some breaks.”...

Obama picks Predator Drone to replace Petraeus at CIA

Looking to move quickly past a sex scandal involving the least hottest man in D.C., President Obama today nominated the Predator Drone to succeed General David Petraeus as director of the Central Intelligence Agency...

Most trusted man in America endorses Obama at the U.N.

Former U.S. general and secretary of state Colin Powell – one of the most trusted and respected living Americans – returned Thursday to the United Nations to make a forceful and convincing endorsement of the re-election of President Barack Obama...

Trick-or-Treat: 10 Great Presidential Campaign Pranks

1. Trigger nationwide Charmins shortage by TP’ing all of Mitt Romney’s mansions...

A Presidential Face-off of Debatable Proportions

Did you miss the first presidential debate Wednesday night? Then you missed the candidates putting education first by ensuring all students fell asleep early on a school night. Here are 10 other funny highlights in photos:

The Week That Was – in Jokes

1.) Bill Clinton crowns Colombian-born Sofia Vergara winner of his annual Clinton Global Initiative beauty pageant...

Your ‘Fun Guide’ to the Republican National Convention

On Monday, the GOP and Mitt Romney’s hyper-fertile family hit Tampa to kick off the Republican National Convention. This includes 2,286 delegates who are mostly Romney grandchildren. Another 2,125 alternates will attend in case any delegates go rogue or try using the convention to pre-contest Mitt’s will...

Medalling with 10 Funny Olympics Photos

If the London 2012 Olympics have been sublime, the images have been equally so. Here are 10 that caught the eye of Fluffington Post editors, to which we’ve added our own unique commentary.

Might Voters Forgive Jesse Jackson Jr. if he’s Bruce Wayne?

The secrecy surrounding Jesse Jackson Jr.’s bizarre disappearance is without parallel – except in superhero comics. So what’s the chance Junior is actually recuperating from crime-fighting injuries? Judge for yourself using...