2013 in Review: 10 funniest posts not leaked by Edward Snowden

Most year-in-review pieces leave much to be desired by us at The Fluff. Yes, they provide a broad look back at national and global events. Or in the case of Dennis Rodman – a galactic view. And who doesn’t love seeing pictures again of two living popes standing in their mitres looking like a closeted Petronas Towers? Or every newspaper thinking its allusion to “selfies” makes it the hippest dinosaur on the block?

But how can any year-in-review season be complete without reference to that which is most needed in our lives: laughter? Which is of course what we specialize in here. So enjoy the below final Top 10 list of 2013:

1.) Predator Drone: Justice served in Zimmerman case
    (Humor essay)

2.) CEO Compensation: 10 Habits of Highly Overpaid Individuals
    (Photo gallery)

3.) Great Escape: Edward Snowden leaks himself (Fake news)

4.) Top 10 Real Reasons Pope Benedict XVI Resigned (Top 10 list)

5.) NSA Branding Czar goes ‘ape sh*!’ over release of old PowerPoint templates (Fake news)

6.) Post-Cinco de Mayo, U.S. Alcoholics Look Ahead to Chechen Independence Day (Fake news)

7.) Pearl Jam: The Price of Pearls at Wrigley Field (Infographic)

8.) Health care website works great after error-checking software run (Fake news)

9.) Jesse Jackson Jr. gets 30 months for impersonating a public servant (Fake news)

 10.) End of Era: Chicago politics loses its last Dick (Mell) (Fake news)

SkitSketchJeff is Jeff Burdick, who also authors Twitter's irreverently funny Alternate Almanac. Visit twitter.com/SkitSketchJeff 

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    SkitSketchJeff is Jeff Burdick, who is a comedy writer, thumb-wrestling cut man, and aspiring Futurist. Also authors the #OnThisDate Alternate Almanac on Twitter. Contact jeffwburdick@aol.com

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