Top 10 Silver Linings to Chicago Teachers’ Strike

  1. The Chicago high school drop-out rate held steady at 40%
  2. A “more the merrier” approach to class sizes won out over killjoy teachers
  3. Rahm Emanuel received unexpected praise, but ultimately declined Mitt Romney’s offer to be Labor Secretary
  4. All 13% of CPS families not at or below the poverty line were interviewed by reporters
  5. CTU President Karen Lewis can return to her first passion: lobbying for a more nutritious lunch program for union officials
  6. No more long-distant Twitter messages of educational concern from former Simeon star and test cheat Derek Rose
  7. Rahm Emanuel can now fully focus on not reducing the city’s murder rate
  8. Absence made student hearts grow fonder for their favorite X-Ray machine operator
  9. More Mexican students will now be back in town for the first day of school
  10. Rahm Emanuel further validated his decision to send his children to the private Lab School for $25,000 per year, per child.

SkitSketchJeff is Jeff Burdick, who is relieved Mayor Emanuel’s second Ideas Week can now proceed free from any distracting productive discussions. For more FluffingtonPost, see

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