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5 Jokes for the Labor Day Weekend

1.) 91.7% of Americans will celebrate Labor Day today. Remainder to join Flash Mobs of mattress store sales...

10 Photos for Your Souvenir GOP Convention Scrapbook

Relieved that a black man named Isaac won’t be showing up, Republicans in Tampa gave the all-clear, turned the lights back on and started their convention on Tuesday. For those creating GOP picture books at home, the wait proved worth it. Here are some of the instant classics:

Is the ‘Kindle’ Killing the CTA Book Recommendation?

When compact discs arrived in the ’80s and ’90s, I chuckled at old schoolers bemoaning the demise of album cover art as if vulgar tribes had overrun Rome. I couldn’t have cared less...

Your ‘Fun Guide’ to the Republican National Convention

On Monday, the GOP and Mitt Romney’s hyper-fertile family hit Tampa to kick off the Republican National Convention. This includes 2,286 delegates who are mostly Romney grandchildren. Another 2,125 alternates will attend in case any delegates go rogue or try using the convention to pre-contest Mitt’s will...

Ann Romney: Destigmatizing stay-at-home ‘mom-inaires’

Taking a populist page from the first George Bush’s playbook, Ann Romney last night emphatically declared: “Read my lips. No new tax returns!”...

5 Jokes for the Back-to-School Season

1.) The Obama and Romney campaigns confirm the spiraling cost of college. Nearly $2 billion alone will be spent to win the 2012 Electoral College...

10 Wry Photos about that Magical Romney/Ryan Ticket

Yes, in announcing his running mate Saturday, Mitt Romney did flub and call Paul Ryan “the next president of the United States,” but credit Romney for consistency: He always puts the same foot in his mouth. As we await Mitt’s next gaffe, enjoy these 10 FluffingtonPost photo captions and funny YouTube video about “3 Things I’ve Learned... Read more »

Closing Ceremony: 10 Final Jokes about the Olympics

1.)  Citing the handicap of her great beauty, Lolo Jones will eventually go home a winner after sweeping every Paralympic track event...

Rev. Jesse Jackson disputes Mayo Clinic is ‘too white’ for Junior

Rev. Jesse Jackson reported yesterday his son, Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr., continues to make progress recovering from vague, undisclosed conditions that may or may not be limited to just being tired and moody...

5 Jokes: Major Mystery Solved about Classified Ads

What if the same person is responsible for most classifieds? Would it change how you read them (or any random five for that matter)? Consider these five from the fictitious pages of the world’s favorite fake aggregator The FluffingtonPost:...
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